Just wondering

If from a religious point of view we people we are created to worship god , and domesticated animals are created to serve us ,and wild animals are created to regulate the eco-systeme , i still can’t get why such ugly, unknown and bizarre creature (like in the picture below ) do exist.





and not only bizarre creatures , but also why does the space exist , why does such number of galaxy planet and stars exist , well some will respond that this exist to show us the greatness of the god , but i don’t think so , humanity does exist for so long time before and they didn’t know about how big is the space until very late time from our existence as human , I guess if all of this were created only to show us ( the very little , stupid , tiny creature ) how great is the god i guess it would be easier to him to show his face to us , than creat all of this , that’s look like waste of space …
And i’m just wondering , and i guess that the question about the meaning of life is the secret of life , without it we would stop asking thinking and evolving and simply we will disappear

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Love , desire , beauty & femininity


I want a night under the stars, I want to go out, to love to be loved , to be beautiful and to dance ………….. the problem is this still a simple desire that has no chance of being realized.
I feel a need to be beautiful and to feel it , i feel a need to see sight of desire in my man eyes , I usually don’t express such kind of feeling that i get from time to time , but after all i’m a woman and i want to feel my femininity , a lot of people understand badly when i express this , but right now i don’t care of what they say , they start giving advice such as try to fill your time and not to think about such subject , i only tell them you don’t even know about my fucking live , i have a job i’m big fan of science i read every day the scientific actuality , i paint and i do some othor things , i’m not justifying myself or trying to say hello i’m not just a silly girl looking for a boyfriend ( and hell , yes i do have one already ) , because i know that i’m not, and i know very well my goals and i’m moving to reach them , i’m talking about love , desire , femininity , things that we need to feel them some times , so far away from ordinary sex or ordinary desire , there is some kind of beauty femininity and desire so classy that only you can feel them you can’t describe them , such as in a perfect tango dance , things like that can change the rootine of every day , can recharge our soul and mind , and take us so far away from the cruality of this world



Princess like in fairy tale

i want to be a princess, i don’t mean a princess who wear crown and order people , no not that kind of princess , i want to be a princess like in a fairy tale , the kind princess who have a golden heart , who help everyone , who could stay in the middel of a forest and be surrounded by birds flowers and rabbits , I want to make a crown of flowers , i want to be the queen of nature , i want to be loved , i want that my smile shine like the sun , i want seed grow in my hands , and i want a man who see the world in my eyes,
I want a prince who see that i’m a princess and who bring roses to me everyday .
i just dream to be a princess like in a fairy tale


Just like a star

sometimes i feel like a star , i don’t mean pop star or fashion star i mean real star in the sky , a star that not always you can see it shining , sometimes the sky could be cloudy, or there is a lot of light noise around , or some other times your position or time is just not good enough to catch it but the star is always there , the star is always in my heart even if it’s not always obvious

I believe that we step out from the supernova, and i’m a woman life come out from my uterus , I belive that we all human we are the dust of stars even if we forget it sometimes , i will promise myself from now on to remember this.

93754847stardust-jpg STARDUST