I love imagination , how it make us able to create whole new universe in our small heads , I love the way that our brains function, personally , i love to imagine that i’m a beautiful sexy lady ,
I love to get out from the reality
I love how i can use my imagination to creat someone who love me and can tell me very beautifull words
I love how to be able to travel all around the world

I love how to drop myself in a black hole or i visit Andromeda
I love to imagine that i figure out a solution for poverty in the world ,
I love to imagine that science became a reference … and i love to imagine a lot of other things ,starting by small thing like i mentioned being a beautiful lady arriving to  big problem of the world and it never finish

Imagination is illusion , but power at once , because if you can imagine it then you can do it even if not now , but if the mind can accept it than it became in the order of capability , and every thing was started by imagination starting by myths , art , law , even science .Greatest scientists ever had always  big imagination .without imagining that the space time is like a fabric Einstein would never be able to present relativity , without imagining that there is a life somewhere out of this earth Tesla would never be able to do  an amazing thing such a tesla coil , and so many other examples  .Imagination is power so let yourself imagine , let yourself dream and then try to figure out how to make it possible

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Today i’m here to talk to you about one of the most amazing subject in this world , one of subject that i personally believe that we should take care of it much more .
Today I’m here to share my ideas with you about astronomy

well what first come to your head when you hear the word astronomy , some of you will answer , planet , sun , earth , the moon  , … and some other people -who confuse astronomy with astrology – will say the horoscope , first at all let me clear this astronomy is a science basically it can be considered the mother of all science , while astrology is just some old practice that have nothing to do with science .

astrowell a lot of people will say , what’s a boring subject , ASTRONOMY !!!! what’s so special about that, well let me tell you what it’s so special about that , has you ever look into the sky by night and see all that light bright and beautiful , did you ever wondered where this light is comming from ? how does stars bright ? did you ever asked why it’s dark by night ? did you ever wondered how big is the univers ? did you ever wondered are we alone in this univers ? how life started ? all these question and much more other deeper question are answered by astronomy ,Astronomy is a science that seeks to explain everything that we observe in the Universe, By studying the cosmos beyond our own planet, we can understand where we came from, where we are going, and how physics works under conditions which are impossible to recreate on Earth. In astronomy, the Universe is our laboratory!

secondly ,  astronomy is the oldest of the natural sciences: nearly the earliest records that we find in the annals of China and upon the inscribed “library bricks” of Assyria and Babylon relate to astronomical subjects, such as eclipses and the positions of the planets. Obviously in the infancy of the race the rising and setting of the sun, the progress of the seasons, and the phases of the moon must have compelled the attention of even the most unobservant.

As Astronomy is the oldest of the sciences, so also it is one of the most perfect, and in certain aspects the noblest, as being the most “unselfish,” of them all

by understanding all those astronomical phenomena , human become capable to understand things related directly to his daily life such as agriculture , as an example ,ancient egyptian were able to know when the Nile will overflow just by seeing the The Summer Triangle which is an imaginary triangle drawn on the northern hemisphere’s celestial sphere, with its defining vertices at  Altair, Deneb, and Vega, the brightest stars in the three constellations of Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra, respectively. a lot of  examples could be given on how much astronomy infect our lifes ,

without astronomical observation Einstein could not be able to prove his théory about the space-time and how light do not move in straight ligne but it do follow curve in space and without this particular information we would never be able to have GPS  or satelite .in addition to those examples related to reality , astronomy is able to open your mind to inspire you with new thoughts , fill you with wonder and magic ( not the magic of fairy tells ) but the magic of nature .

and finally I think the great, late Carl Sagan said it perfectly, “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” It is in this that I cannot remember a time that I looked up at the night sky and was not taken aback by the sheer wonder of the cosmos.


Between science and religion

what makes modern science so unique, so different from all previous traditions of knowledge.

After all, at least since cognitive revolutions, humans have always tried to figure out how the universe works.

This is not something new. Of the last 500 years. Our ancestors, thousands and even tens of thousands of years ago, they put great deal of time and effort in trying to discover the rules that govern the natural world around them.


what is so special and different about modern science?

Well, modern science differs from all previous traditions of knowledge in three critical ways.

First , and the  foremost, it differs its willingness to admit ignorance.

Modern science is based on the admission that “we do not know.”

Modern science assumes that we don’t know everything. Even more importantly, modern science accepts that the things that we think we know, could still be proven wrong as we gain more knowledge.

In modern science no concept, no idea, no theory is considered sacred, and beyond challenge.

So this is the first unique characteristic of modern science.

The second unique characteristic is the centrality of observation and mathematics. After admitting ignorance what modern scientists tried to do is to obtain new knowledge.

They do it by gathering observations on the world, and using mathematical tools to connect these observations into comprehensive theories.

The third unique feature of modern science is that it aims to acquire new powers. Modern science is never content, just with creating theories, and understanding how things work.

Modern science uses these theories in order to acquire new powers, and in particular in order to develop new technologies.

The real aim of modern science is not truth, it is power.

Let us now take a closer look at each of these three main characteristics of modern science.

Is the first characteristic as we said is the willingness to admit ignorance. In this sense, the scientific revolution has not been a revolution of knowledge as it is usually the depicted, the scientific revolution has been a revolution of ignorance. The greatest discovery that launched the scientific revolution forward was the discovery of ignorance.

The discovery that humans do not know the answers to the most important questions.

Pre-modern traditions of knowledge like Islam, or Christianity, or Buddhism. They asserted that everything that is important to know about the world was already known. 

The great gods, or the one almighty God, or the wise people of the past. They knew everything there is to know. And they revealed whatever we need to know in their scriptures and oral traditions. If you want to know the answer to a important questions, all you need to do is read these ancient texts and understand them properly.

It was inconceivable that the Bible, or the Quran, or the Vedas were missing out on some crucial secret of the universe. A secret that must, must still be discovered by us modern people.

Ancient traditions of knowledge admitted only two kinds of ignorance.

First, a particular individual might well be ignorant about something very important, but, in that case, to obtain the necessary knowledge, all that he or she needed to do, was ask somebody wiser.

There was no need to discover, something, that nobody  knew. 

For example, if a peasant in some medieval European village wanted to know how the human race originated, he assumed, and everybody assumed that the Christian tradition held the definitive answer. Maybe the peasant himself didn’t know that all he needed to do in order to receive an answer was to ask the priest. And if the priest didn’t know, then he asked the bishop or the pope, and they knew by looking at the sacred texts, and understanding them.

Secondly, the other, option for there being ignorance in the world is that, not only one person, but all people might be ignorant of unimportant things. By definition, according to the traditional religions and so forth. Whatever the great gods, or the wise people of the past, did not bother to tell us in the sacred texts and traditions, was unimportant.

For example, if a medieval peasant wanted to know, say, how spiders weave their webs. It was pointless to ask the priest or the bishop or the Pope because they didn’t know and there was no answer to this question in any of the Christian scriptures. It doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible how spiders weave their webs. However, this did not mean that Christianity was deficient. It meant that understanding how spiders weave their webs was unimportant. 

After all, God, knew perfectly well everything, including how spiders do it. If this was a vital piece of information necessary for human prosperity and salvation, God would have taken care to include a comprehensive explanation of spiders in the Bible, but there was no such explanation so this showed that this was unimportant. Now, Christianity did not forbid people to study spiders if they so liked. People engaged in the study of spiders had to accept their peripheral role in society. And they had to accept the irrelevance of their findings to the eternal truths of the Christian religion and society. No matter what a scholar might discover about spiders, that knowledge was just trivia. With no potential bearing on the fundamental truths of society and politics and economics.

In fact, things were never quite so simple. In every age, even in the most pious and conservative age, there were always people who argued that there were important things of which their entire tradition was ignorant.

 Yet such people, before the modern age, they were usually marginalized or persecuted or else they founded a new tradition and began to argue that they now knew everything that there is to know. For example, the prophet Muhammad began his religious career by condemning his fellow Arabs for living in ignorance of the divine truth. Yet, Muhammad, himself, very quickly, begin to argue that, he knew the whole truth because it was revealed to him by God. And the followers of Muhammad, therefore, began calling him the seal of the prophets. The last prophet. Because after Mohamed, there is no need of further revelations. His revelations contain all the truth humanity needs to know.

Modern day science is very unique, because it openly admits our collective ignorance regarding not trivial matters, but regarding the most important questions of all. And scientists when they say that previously we didn’t know, scientists usually do not start arguing that now they know everything. Darwin, for example, never argued that he was the seal of the biologists. The last biologist and that now he has solved, once and for all, all of the big questions of life. Even after centuries of extensive scientific research, biologists, and physicists, and chemists, and so forth. They admit, that they still don’t have any good explanation, for example, for the way the brain produces consciousness. So, we don’t know how the brain does it. Physicists admit that they don’t know what caused the Big Bang and they don’t know how to reconcile quantum mechanics with the theory of general relativity.

So this is the first to characteristic of modern science, its willingness to come and say, we don’t know, to admit ignorance. This willingness to admit ignorance has made modern science far more dynamic and inquisitive than any previous tradition of knowledge. But modern science does not stop there. Once it admits ignorance, it begins to seek new knowledge.

Source :

A Brief History of Humankind 
by Dr. Yuval Noah Harari


My dreaming life style

the life i dream about
since i was young i always dreamed about a particular lifestyle that i loved it so much ,the problem is this lifestyle is almost impossible to get .

well how i dream to live , the answer is very simple , i want to be independent , to have my own house , to have a good job that make me able to defray the charges of a house, than I want to organise my free time to do some humanitarian volunteer work , to feel my humanity , I want to be able to follow scientific reaserch and if one day i could write some scientific resume that will be great , I want to have time to draw and write I want to have my own workshop , I want to decorate my home the way i want not the way that it’s supposed to be or according to fashion , I want to have a big library, a plant , a jasmin tree , a big large black sofa made of leather with a soft blanket like those used to cover babies , I want to have a great collection of music , and a boyfriend , a one who i spend time with him , who can be able to visit me when we want or i visit him when i need to , someone special that i can share a lot of things with him but not my whole life .
If one day i feel the need to be a mother i can help in orphan house , I want to have a lot of friends that i can lesten to them all and help them all when they need me , I guess that such a life is a perfect life for me and so well-balanced .

well this perfect life that i dream of  is for the moment impossible , because first at all i don’t have a good job to be able to defray the charges of living alone , second my familly still have a complete controle in my life and such a lifestyle is not acceptable in our society  , so for now this still a dream ,but  that i will try to make it come true despite that it look impossible


what can I offer to him ?

Very often i start think about one subject than i find that the flow of thought pick  me away from where I started in the first place , so yesterday i was thinking about my life and how i want to live than i remembered my boyfreind , and i think that i love him so much that i would accept to share my life with him , than i remember that he don’t want that ,i don’t feel hurt from this reality , just in opposite i accept it perfectly , actually when i think about that i would say if i had the choice i will make the same  .

well let’s take a little closer sight , he is a strong independent man , he live by his own , he can do what ever he want , no one ask him for explanation , he’s free , he can get out when ever he want , he can travel when it’s possible , all his money is only his he can deal with it the way he want , no obligation related to other being , even if we look to the presence of feminine side in his life , he is handsome , and he can choose any girl to be his girl , so he don’t lack that .

so logically and literally he don’t have any reason to share his life with anyone , especially me , well to be honest and realistic, what can a girl like me can offer to him ? well the answer is perfectly obvious ,absolutly nothing , except headaches , extra responsability , lost of time ,rest and money .
Well by thinking about that i feel confortable to perfectly understand the reason despite that i feel sad because i can’t be with someone i love .

i share this idea not only for me but ,for a lot of girls living in the same situation as me so maybe if one of them read this could feel some relief