Just wondering

If from a religious point of view we people we are created to worship god , and domesticated animals are created to serve us ,and wild animals are created to regulate the eco-systeme , i still can’t get why such ugly, unknown and bizarre creature (like in the picture below ) do exist.





and not only bizarre creatures , but also why does the space exist , why does such number of galaxy planet and stars exist , well some will respond that this exist to show us the greatness of the god , but i don’t think so , humanity does exist for so long time before and they didn’t know about how big is the space until very late time from our existence as human , I guess if all of this were created only to show us ( the very little , stupid , tiny creature ) how great is the god i guess it would be easier to him to show his face to us , than creat all of this , that’s look like waste of space …
And i’m just wondering , and i guess that the question about the meaning of life is the secret of life , without it we would stop asking thinking and evolving and simply we will disappear

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