Because we are your friends…..!

once happen a time i was 17 and i was isolated and lonely girl.
I used to read books on the break because i had no one to stay with or to talk to, ( by that time i finished 72 novel , now i appreciate loneliness because you learn things when you are alone instead of passing almost all the time on gossip) .I remember one specific day when i was reading a book named “the little thing” written by “Alphonse Daudet ” I start crying in the school because i felt the same thing as the hero of the story,

I felt like an invisible little thing, and i was so sad .
when i return home i start playing ” crazy taxi sega ” and the song which accompanied the game was saying ‘ because we are your friends never be alone again”.
I don’t know why and for a reason i believe the song, despite i know that this is have no sense at all but i felt like there is a hope like friends haven’t to be just persons or real some times you can be friends with a song or a game any thing , i know now that this is a psychological plan made by my brain to protect me from depression , like some people have an imaginary friend who help them ( in some other condition this could be considered us a serious mental illness)

The funny thing about that, that i until this age i still sing the same song every time i feel alone , and us an growing up i try to deal with my situation and deny this feeling but the song come to my mouth and i start singing it unconsciously , this look like my subconscious try to tell me do something about your situation .

well i guess this time i will do , i decided to look for the game again and replay it over and over again.

So who have the link to download it 😉


Because we are your friends….