Contradiction and beliefs

we don’t have any idea about what others believe and we pretend always that our beliefs ¬†only are sacred and true.
Actually if we just stop a moment about accusing each other and just read or listen to what others think we will find that it’s pretty much the same. The only difference that we look to our beliefs as sacred only because we was raising to think that way, and we adopt the prejudgment of our parent of our society of our environment¬†simply.

maybe if you just analysis it a little bite you will discover that it’s never even logical despite of that you believe in it .
This is not the problem that i want to point at it , i don’t care if it’s logical or not it still a belief, and beliefs are things related to the feeling much more than the mind , but the problem is there is some people who are attached so much to what they believe and they became offensive concerning other people beliefs . And here it come that people became even contradictor with them selves , for example ,how could you belive that Jesus (with all my love and respect to him) is able to heal people but you accuse a Buddhist of insane and lying when he say the same thing about Budha .
I guess that healing people or listening behind doors or knowing the future and all other stuff – that we have been told that some persons was able to do – are all paranormal and against logic , so either you believe on them for every body either you don’t .
This way it will be much moral and correct than believe in such stuff for someone and deny them for an other , I think if only people can get this clear in there minds a lot of wars will be avoided