This creature -…

This creature – if it can be called that- bridges the gap between living and nonliving matter in a way that has never been seen before , and analysis of its genetic code is rewriting the history of life on earth.
it’s quite an achivement for a humble virus

Michael brooks


constant which are not constant

The fundamental constants of physics, the collection of numbers that describe just how strong the forces of nature are .. Though every one of their values is derived from experiments, not from some fundamental understanding , they are integral to what we call the laws of physics : the constants make the laws work when we use them to describe the processes of natures . and because we assume that flying by flapping our arms will be as difficult tomorrow as it is today – that is , we assume that the laws of physics are immutable , eternal – we have to assume the constants don’t change either. which is why John webb has got himself into such trouble.
The laws and constants have helped us define and tame the natural world. but what if there are no immutable laws ? what if the constants aren’t constant ? or , as Webb puts it , a wry smile playing across his lips , ” who decided they were constant, anyway ?” ( 13 things that don’t make sense )

law of nature

I do believe in science but science quite every thing else in this world it depend on who have the power to make his point of view right

When we refer to the laws of nature , what we are really talking about is a particular set of ideas that are striking in their simplicity , that appear to be universal and have been verified by experiment.
it is thus human beings who declare that a scientific theory is a law of nature and human beings are quite often wrong
@John Webb