Bring more great people…Before their death

I gave up writing in my blog since for a while , because I feel that anyway, no one cares or interact with me in here , but I have to say that I love writing and sharing stories and thoughts. So no matter how far I go, I always came back.
I have a lot of thoughts to share , and sometimes I don’t know from where to start.
But the last thought I had was about the news of the suicide of a man , it seems an ordinary news ,that could happen everyday, but the man was an artist a writer, I have read for him once or twice he wasn’t famous and he haven’t things published in the paper,he was writing on his FB account, I have remarked his death because the huge number of the common friends, which according to those friends he was truly a great guy. So the idea was that we usually regret knowing some people in our lives and it’s rarely when we regret that we missed the opportunity to know someone great.
This is what I felt, I said that -damns- how I had not noticed him before he die.
How I missed such person.
How great, it’s to make from yourself a great person to a point that you make people regretting not to know you.
Let us try to forget about the wrong people that we regretted knowing them , and try to bring more great people the kind that we regret not knowing them before a while.

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