Washing dishes, could be a proof of love

How a simple act actually banal, could be a proof of love
Yes, I think that little gesture like washing dishes, could be a proof of love.
Maybe this is a personal conclusion, but I think that it’s an important experience to share.
When I was young, my mother didn’t teach me to love her, and everything she asked me to do and to learn was in relation with the society and what other people will think about it.
One of those things is the housekeeping work, she always tells me to learn how doing it not for me, not even to help her, not because I‘m a living in that house and I have a partial responsibility to keep it clean,but because I will get married one day and she don’t want my husband and mother in law think that I‘m not good at housekeeping.
This idea upset me so much, because first of all I think that the way that I keep my house is a personal thing and it’s up to me to decide how to do it, it’s my life and not my mother in law business, and second because she talks about something that could never happen. Her argument does not make sense to me, this is why never put a real effort on the housekeeping and I hated helping in the house, and when I was obliged to do something I never did it perfectly I always run with the easiest solution.
Now years passed , i get older , much more mature, and my perspective of thing have changed.

Certainly it’s different than my mother point of view, now I contribute more in the house work, not because what will my future mother in law will think of me but i’m doing it by responsibility and love.
*Responsibility, because I‘m aware that if anybody is a part of a place should help to keep it clean and comfortable whatever is this place (a house, a work space, the neighborhood, the city, the country than the whole earth and universe)
*Love and sympathy for my mother because the work that I don’t do she will be obliged to do it by herself and she will get tired.

So when I became aware of those two facts,  my behavior changed automatically.
and this whole analysis of the situation jumps to my mind when I was washing dishes and that was a greasy plate difficult to get clean, remember that when I was young I would never even try to clean it, but now I was thinking that if I don’t do it my mother is the one who  will get tired of doing it, so I worked hard to make the dishes perfectly clean.

And I thought, that my mother and almost all other Arabic mother do it wrong, because they make their daughters do it for the wrong reason, if they showed us how to love them, to feel empathy toward them and how to show our love by small action like washing dishes or get something fixed at home, it would be better that teaching us to do things because of what other think about us.
So. yes, washing dishes could be a proof of love


What you don’t want -Dark matter as an example

Now I don’t feel strange when I don’t know what I want, but I know what exactly what I don’t want.
It seems that I’m kind of a physicist (ha-ha), since they don’t know what the dark matter is but they do know what it’s not
Sometimes determine what to want exactly is not something easy, but al least when you know what you don’t want that helps so much to find a way

Connected human

once happen a time science saved my soul
I do believe if you use science in the good direction that will save the world.
When you became a scientist you can easily see how much you are connected to the world and to the universe, how much we are connected to each other as human being and as a living being as well.