Change start by feelings

well we talk about changes , that’s good , but i think that there is a field in change or more precisely let’s say , it’s something infected by our inner changes and it influence directly on the way we change .

It’s our feeling , well a lot of people that i know doesn’t want to talk about feeling , some of them are a little extremist , consider feelings just some chemical reactions inside our body , well let me say that starting from this exact definition , from this base , i guess it become even more important to take care about our feeling and about the way we feel .

Regarding that feeling are chemical reaction , so it’s directly related to our health condition , our physical situation , a person how feel angry , stressed, envy, greed and other bad feeling is certainly a person with heigh blood pressure. Not only that but a person who is always depressed , pessimist, and negative can not progress in his life . can not figure out a solution , can not see opportunities

Personally , i get into a negative circle lately , i find now that i was turning in the some place all over again , all that anxiety that i feel will not drag m anywhere it’s just like a rocker chair it make me move all the time but i don’t go any further just one difference at least the rocker is fun , anxiety is not by anyway . So what i have decided is the following :
– first at all change the way i feel , world is already full of drama it doesn’t need any of it , so even if the situation is hard it’s not necessary to complicate it even more with depression , anxiety and stress

as the song say : “don’t worry be happy … every life it have some trouble when you worry you make them double , don’t worry”
-Second i decide to concentrate on positive thing in this world and in my life , because if you look closely you will find that bad things and good things are equal in life , and maybe , we can consider that good things are even more than the bad ones, why !! simply because beauty is all around of as , in every breath, in the color of sky , in some flower in bird come in the morning near your window , in the smile of child , it’s only us who don’t look close enough , we concentrate in all what we don’t have and in all these bd things so we drag more of them to us , if only we concentrate on good things we will bring more of them .
” The univers deal with you the way you deal with it”

and third i decide to get away from any negative thing, any negative thought or any negative person , i will not let any negative one infect me

just a message for everybody :” say something nice or don’t even try to speak “

and i hope with all of that , things go better, and i bring peace , success and happiness to my life and i hope the same for everyone who read this 🙂



inner peace

Before doing anything else in life find your inner peace with it you can always succeed, you can determine what you really want you can go for it without distraction

“If you are not…

“If you are not free in your mind , you can’t ever be”

Freedom is not something to ask , is a stat to be , either you are free or you’r not at all   , you can’t be once free and once not , it start in your head , your vision, your way of life and it influence evry other things