The Art of drawing

I love drawing , painting, writing , dancing and every form of art or different way of expression . Since i was a kid i used to disappear from people and stay in a corner in witch i creat my own world . and i had practice drawing more then anything else , the only problem is my pictures was really awful  .Yes i confess it , people around had the habit to mock  on my drawing but i didn’t even care and i continue to draw (Now became much more better than before and here below one of my latest drawing).

I continued my work because drawing for me wasn’t an option , drawing for me was a world .to draw is not make beautiful shape in a piece of paper , it wasn’t that and it’s still not that to me . Drawing for me is putting a piece of your mind and your heart on that paper , drawing it let your imagination your feeling your thought flow on a paper, my creation

to draw is to express your self without saying a word .to draw is to show people what you feel and what you thinking about .

Only  sensitive people will understand it , only people who have deep look to things will know it  meaning , people who just see shape in the paper will not get what you really mean.

Drawing for me is a way to free soul to be connected. It’s not important how beautiful the shape is than to be honest in what you present .

Drawing  painting or any art in general  have an other role too is to present a point of view of reality like the artist see it , it can illuminate some part of the reality that other people didn’t pay attention to it or even didn’t see it .

The artist can give us new perspective to life and just like a scientist he can see the world in other dimensions  he can translate a whole world in a littel piece of paper .





I made these today and i feel happy , i feel like i get back , since a while i didn’t draw or paint anything , and here i’m geting back to be me again friend with the pencil .

Learn how to answer questions

Muslim people put a lot of limit in their thinking and in there way of talking. an atheist for example talk to you about every subject and he never say shut up you should not talk about that in oppose way he always call you to use your mind he discuss with you and try to give you answer even if it doesn’t have sense . In the other side a simple question about destiny -for example- to a muslim is able to make him shut you up for the rest of your life and i think this is really a problem as a muslim people we should learn how to make a conversation and give logic answer for every thing otherwise people will keep go the other direction , we should stop saying don’t talk about that or don’t think about it , we are human we are made to think we can’t keep ourselves away of thinking and also we cant limit the subject of wich we think sometimes ideas just come from no where and jump in your head and you can’t stop it .
Muslim people tell you when you think about things like that it’s just the devil who want to take you away from the right direction try to put him away from your mind and don’t think about it call god for help and you will be safe , personally i can’t do that i think it’s better to find an explanation than avoid thinking , to avoid thinking it’s like stop using your brain wich is the most special thing in a human being and wich is what god make us special for it , so telling stop think is against the god volanty because in all his verses he tell us to use our brain , advice people to not think about some subject is ridiculous idea it’s like saying use it in some place and loose it some other place 😉

You have to be strong to be able to live

I want to speak about  how peoples lives can change ,how people became stronger , and how the strongest people are those who can realise there dreams.  ones i have read something that adolf Hitler had write he said :”that nature is doing it’s selection and it choose the strongest person to stay and it just eliminate the others ….” i realised that this is truth somehow , i realised that if you are not strong enough you can not go anywhere, you can still a live , you can still breathing and moving but you can not get any of your dreams .Simply because life is not easy and dreams doesn’t come true by there own .Personally a long time before i never thought that life is about being strong enough i was thinking that life is about sympathy. well i have changed and this is the normal thing people get change by the times is gone or more specifically by the event come and go in there lives .

We can say events or new experiences or lessons of life , for me it’s not a lessons until you live the event first , life is cruel it put you into a situation you never deal with before you do reaction whatever are good or bad you get a result of that reaction you analyse it you understand it and than you get the lesson a lot of life lessons become wisdom if we know how to use them and so on and so on.With all these past event in my life i realised that weak people can not realise anything in this world , i used to be weak girl i used to complain when think don’t go well for me , i used to begged sympathy from people around me when i try to do things and i feel it’s hard or it doesn’t work alright , and that was ok until i went to the college there i faced real life real people, i don’t mean that people that i used to deal with are not real but they were my familly and friends there are already emotionally involved with me so when i ask for sympathy they gave it to me and make thing easyer , people in the college were different they were not connected to me and they don’t care when i get difficulty and i feel depressed , by that time i was thinking that they are cruel , and i said why they make it even more difficult i already stocked with the mission that i have to accomplishe , but now i get there point of view , if you  have a work to do whatever it’s you have to do it right to be good enough to convince people by your work  if you have difficulty or it doesn’t go well for you than it’s your own problem you have to be strong enough to face it by your own .Stop crying and complaining if you are doing an effort and things are always wrong then go to an other direction , and think differently you maybe doing it wrong or you are not working hard enough , sometimes it’s just like that you feel tired and exhausted and you think this is your best and you can’t go any farther but it still not enough at that point you give up and you start be angry and put it all in people around you you start blame them why they can’t feel how tired you are how can’t they just understand how much did you worked , why they do not feel sympathy why they don’t try to help or make it any easier even just a littel bit .Well because just it’s not there probleme as simple as that if you are struggle well they do the same with there lifes , if you have problem well they do too have a lot of problems , all what you have to do is to get up wash your face take a deep breath and go back to the work think differently and you will find the solution  because einstein said :

Staying depressed will not drive you anywhere you can find gentil people who want to help and give you sympathy and you can take a really long time depressed with unfinished job , but be sure that life will not wait for you , people who are stronger and try harder will move on with there lives they are miles away from you and also your dreams and when you wake up from your depression you will discover than you are the only one who didn’t make any progress and you will regret it .So never be weak again .

create your own world

make your worldwe are all special persons. We had all growing up different way, the way i grow up make me special person make me different .Unfortunatly that took me a long time to realise it . My parents family are two different , Actually if i will start a description about them it can easly take me forever , briefly i can say, Mum come from a big familly in number and in tradition, her familly were important and wealthy people in the town , they belive in tradition they consider themselves to be from the heigh society the only problem was all of that has gone by the death of my grandfather , there money gone , there stability and homogenity also was gone , my grand mother alone couldn’t take reins of thing with a lot of children and the time changing , by that time the whole situation in the country and in the world get changed , every principle was in crazy change , the world get faster, money count much more then anything else , now i can see how people life can be directly affected with major event in the level of countrys and the world -every thing is connected- .So the conclusion is in that situation it seems that mums’ family members get lost and couldn’t find there lair and after taht every one of them try to find his way so in the same family we have materialist people , religion people, conservative, open minded and so on and so one … My father family now are not the some they don’t have the some history as mum family or these deep-rootedness but they are joyful people they love life they take it easy they are always happy they love to dance to meet each other in every occasion as all family they have a little hypocrisy sometimes , whatever, life with them was much more easy because they don’t have the complexe of mum familly , for me between the two world i get to find myself ,I was struggling for so much time i try a lot to make everyone love me , i try to be perfect for everyone and i try to be the perfect girl and the result turned up really bad instead of become the ideal girl i become the lost girl at the time i didn’t get i will never ever be perfect to evry one at the sametime because they are already so different in the first place , i couldn’ be religious conservative and open mind in the sometime , i can not be a good housekeeper and perfect at school , what made me special in the middle of all of that is my ability to creat a third world different and full of creation independent from every thing else in my world i was the scientist the creator , the paint , in my world i always know how to take care of myself how to be full of peace and i discovered the greatness of science and of art dispite of all what i have discovered all the beauty and the wisdom i didn’t realise that i’m special and i waited from them to love me and to accept me after all i discovered that i was waisting my time love of all people can not be get what you really need is to accept your self and to love it by the way it’s now i’m not struggle anymore now i discovered how special i’m , how diferrent i’m , now i belive in me.and i feel that i don’t need to be accepted by them anymore because i have my own place to go i have somewhere else to belong .


when i talk too much my need to write became incredibly less and that make me less creative as consequence but when i open my diary and i don’t find anything write there i realise that i get something much more better than creating my world , i realise that i find someone who listen to me in the real world

The greatest thing ever is being a scientist


Scientist is the great job ever , if you can take it as a job for me being a scientist is not to be someone who teach science , maths, physics or what ever at school, scientist is not anyone who had choose the scientific orientation and after that he find him self in a laboratory repeating what other real scientist tel him to do , no .
To be a scientist is a way to see the world is a method of thinking and living before all , to be a scientist is to have the ability the imagination and the power to change the world to creat think to make life of other people even better , science is the only thing can make us rise up, to be a real scientist is to dare to think differently without limit scintist is the only person who can get into the smallest things ever and analyses the biggest things ever and find himself just in betwen without to be lost. Being a scientist is to be able to see the universe in a whole other dimensions.

Meet inspiring people


Every day in our lives , we meet new people some times there are good some other times they are bad , maybe neutral some other times .

What about inspiring people , people who make you smile evry time you remember them , people who make you think differently;
These inspiring people could be people that we are directly in touch with them or people that we had heard of .
Inspiring people are those who make difference in the world , who make it better place who make us loving the life in this world, I think it’s nice to meet inspiring people but it’s nicer to be one .

I think that everyone can be an inspiring person all what we have to do is :
-Being ourselves , no mor no less , let down the idea of perfectionism no one can be perfect for every one because every one have different definition of the perfect .All what it matter is to accept yourself and to try to improve it .
-Be thankful and grateful for every thing you have.
– Be a smily face
-Have a principe , be strong , defend your opinion