Review on “Les Thanatonautes-Bernard werber”

The book is a story of a group of people who want to explore what it’s death exactly, so they started experiment under the supervision of the president of the state who became interested in the subject after have lived a near death experience,The group of scientist, start the journey and they arrived finally to discover the death-land. The book tells stories about the changes happened in the life of the members of the group what they have learned and the changes affected the whole world after the exploration of the death-land and its impact.

Honestly, I didn’t like the book, it wasn’t impressive, he made it so long.
That were a lot of irrelevant events and information, the science fiction incorporation weren’t successful, because what he was talking about, wasn’t even science.
He made the death world so materialistic, well, I can say that maybe he wants us to conclude that what it’s meant to be hidden from us, we should keep it hidden.
I can extract two or three main ideas, that drew my attention:
1- people always make things wrong.As soon as people get into the after death land, they start fighting, making commerce, make it a place of profit, and so one. like if the human nature was to ruin everything, even the most sacred things such as death.
2- Knowledge is good in general, but sometimes we should keep hidden, what it’s supposed to be hidden. life was technically stoped after that the people knew the secret of reincarnation cycle. people became lazy, and they took everything like destiny, they believed that this was their fate, and they gave up on life.
3- After all, all the human beings are alike, it’s revealed from the different mythology presenting the same essences of ideas, the core of all religions and philosophies is the same, it should be something true that the ancient had known it, and we are not able to see it, because of the lifestyle we created.


Local elections

Today it’s the municipal election day, and it’s supposed to be the first free and honest municipal-election in the history of my country.
And despite of all of that, I won’t go to vote, I know that I’m supposed to stand for that right, that people and especially women, had fought for it, it’s supposed that I won’t drop my chance for changing, but like almost all Tunisians I feel disappointed.
I mean after the revolution of 2011, we hoped really for the best, we have tried to change things, to make our country a better place. but we were deceived by politicians. Life here is getting harder and harder.
I have friends from civil society, who is trying to convince us that if we don’t vote, then we cannot control or charges the people who will get the authority. Ad that even if, election is not the best way to improve the situation, but it’s all we get for now.
But for me, I say, I voted or not, we will not be able to control them anyway, we will not be able to questioning their decisions. Beside it’s already known who will win, we have two big political parties in the country one of them is already full of splits and problems and the other one is controlling the whole country since it won in the election of 2011, so basically the Islamist will win the municipal election too.
Democracy should be built, on principals, on mentality, it should be seen in the people actings and everyday life, otherwise it will be only theoretical, and kind of just a show.

We should work on the next generation, to teach them the principals of democracy, the principals of managing their public life. Well, I know that some people will tell me that we should deal with what we have now, and work for the future simultaneously.
Well, that could be true, but anyway I decided not to go.

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Free-will VS Determinism

There is two way to look at the world either you concider that every thing is determined, every thing happen for a reason and no matter what you do, what it’s not meant to be, will not be .Or you concider that life is about decisions, and choices: there is no such thing as right or wrong decision , you make decision basing on available information on an instant of time T, and basing on you state of mind and conciousness, and after that you have to take responsability for what come from that.
So what would you pick up?

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That moment when your head is just full of ideas, but you feel like they can’t find the way out.
Like they are trapped inside your skull, your hand can’t know how to tap words anymore, and like your pen is out of ink, but you try anyway to get them out and to express them.
I feel this way , words trapped in my head.
I want to talk about the death of my bunny, which I really miss.
I want to write a review about that TV-show -The Timeless- I started to watch two or three days ago, and I feel amazing about it and fill me with reflexions. Maybe even I can go further and write a review about some books that I have been reading, or write something more scientific or about the professional fields. Without mentioning that story that I wish to write since forever.
I don’t know. Probably the answer is that I just should start to write and words will just show up when I need them. But some other time I just think, so, what? why am I writing this in the first place, well who cares?
Anyway, writing and blogging are about sharing, and that’s what I’m doing I share stuff, even if nobody cares, maybe one day that would be helpful for someone.


There is two kinds of deception, this when I trick you and the other one when you do trick yourself. I mean yeah we all do it , all the time…
You see our minds deceive us all the day, they bend reality to make it be, whatever we want it to be , what ever we need it to be, or simply to make it all make sense, even when it doesn’t 

From Deception-TV Show

Lost in Space -review

Lost in space

Lost in space is an American science fiction series diffuse on Netflix, well the series is newly produced and freshly broadcasted on 13 April 2018.
It’s a nice series despite that the story is quite classic. I mean: facing difficulties, landing on a habitable planet, meeting extraterrestrial life, than, extraterrestrial intelligence, and honestly, I don’t know why almost all science fiction series and films, which talk about space, have to put a black hole somewhere in the story. And with all of that they added to the mixture, some spiteful Dr Smith, as usual, it has to be that rancorous person-who was in reality a victim of a bad past, so he finds himself acting like an asshole, as a reaction to that past- .
Anyway, all the elements of a classic science-fiction party was there, like if this is the top of the human imagination, we cannot imagine any other element despite science is really full of new fact and theories. However, this combination of classical element come into a new suit, fancy and elegant, the suspension was at the appointment, the expression of human feelings like fear, confusion, hesitation, courage, was great, well played by the actors.
The philosophy of guilt, narcissism, protection, self identification, sacrifices, and the morality of a super-intelligence, are put on the table, but you can’t see them only if you try to look a little deeper than just the events presented in each episode.

Generally, I liked watching the serie I hope that the next season come out fast and may it be more creative, joyable and full of suspense.

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Short review on Einstein Enigma

A few days before I wrote a short review on the Einstein Enigma, that was before I finish the reading of the book, now I just finished it.
And I still think that it’s a good book I liked the way he insert philosophy and science, but I waited for something much stronger more credible and I waited for a real formula. the events are poor, the writer did not focus on the drama or action side. He concentrated more on the philosophical questions and answers.
There is so much repetition of ideas, he talks about the same principle for so many times (with his father, with Ariana, with, with Louis…), for example the idea of the software and hardware was repeated in all over the book, which make it annoying at some point despite the beauty of the idea.
There is a lot of physics, if a reader who have not idea about physics and don’t like them it may be rapidly disinterested.
Beside the argumentation is based on an egocentric vision on the existing of humanity like if we are sure that we are the only intelligence in the universe, and the ultimate form of it.
The argument is forced to meet his point of view, after all he did not prove the intention of the creation.
The comparisation between the oriental philosophy and science, is pretty and it’s an opportunity for people to understand and to know more about those philosophies but still everything he presented is an hypothesis.

The Einstein enigma

The god formula

I’m still reading the book and it’s not yet finished , I admit that the writer have a new way to perceive things and I like it , but but what I did not appreciate is his certainty when he talks in the video attached , There is nothing can be considered as absolute including the answers presented in the book
Anyway ,  Dos Santos  has wittily, made a duality between science and the succession of events in the story.

Bring more great people…Before their death

I gave up writing in my blog since for a while , because I feel that anyway, no one cares or interact with me in here , but I have to say that I love writing and sharing stories and thoughts. So no matter how far I go, I always came back.
I have a lot of thoughts to share , and sometimes I don’t know from where to start.
But the last thought I had was about the news of the suicide of a man , it seems an ordinary news ,that could happen everyday, but the man was an artist a writer, I have read for him once or twice he wasn’t famous and he haven’t things published in the paper,he was writing on his FB account, I have remarked his death because the huge number of the common friends, which according to those friends he was truly a great guy. So the idea was that we usually regret knowing some people in our lives and it’s rarely when we regret that we missed the opportunity to know someone great.
This is what I felt, I said that -damns- how I had not noticed him before he die.
How I missed such person.
How great, it’s to make from yourself a great person to a point that you make people regretting not to know you.
Let us try to forget about the wrong people that we regretted knowing them , and try to bring more great people the kind that we regret not knowing them before a while.

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relative believes

Everything is relative, what you believe it’s true is may seem so ridiculous to others and what seems ridiculous to you it may be the very true belief of someone else.
so let’s just accept each other and live in peace

Season 4 Episode 14 : Vikings -Great conversation

I think that this conversation is the point from all the series.