About gratitude

Astronomy have changed my life , and i feel grateful to my association (AJST) and my friends in astronomy club. Sometimes they do believe in me much more than i do myself.

Today i’m able to stand in the middle of a room full of strangers persons and I talk , four years ago i wasn’t even able to talk to my own family .
Some times when we feel that we are making some progress we have to look back to those who have contributed to it , and we have to say thank you .Some times it  became a duty  to be grateful , and today i want to say thank you for everyone i’ve ever known in the astronomy club .for everyone who have ever believed in me , who try to push me to became a better person .
I’m writing this today to show how grateitude is a good things , it’s nice to comeback from time to time and to say ” thank you” . to recognise the grace of someone on you .
We used to complain about persons who hurt us , and we usually say that we can’t erase this from our lives , it’s easy to put the blame on someone  ,but it’s hard to thank someone .

Like pain it never comes alone success also never come alone .
You never succeed by yourself only, there is always a stimulus even if it’s not that clear , it’s nice to find that one .and to thank him for what he have done , it’s nice for both of you , he helped you to became what you are now so show him the fruit of his action let him feel good and proud