Relashionships, Moon and Earth

Nature is nature either you talk about human relationships or celestial bodies, or the universe itself. I liked the comparison made in these videos (see the link below).
Some people may need some space like the moon who also needs its own space apparently. Since it’s getting away from us every year by  almost 3 cm.
The relation between earth and moon is changing, and it seems that it makes our days long and it may lead to the breakup. But none the less, it’s not true, the moon is not leaving us.
Everything is relative and all things changes.

The most important things when that change happens it should not affect the core of the relationship, in our case even if the moon is evolving differently and it’s getting a little far from us every year, but the relation itself is still the same, and the whole system is compensating the lost energy to conserve its angular momentum. we started together we will finish together.
I just hope that it would be the same with people we love, even if they get away a little but they would not leave us.
We just need to adapt to the new changes, to find a way to compensate, to find a way to conserve the balance.

will the moon leave us

why moon is leaving us

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Why scientists should communicate science

Being a scientist is an excellent job, and science does not include research, calculation, doing experiences and get numbers and results, being a scientist is a way to see and to interpret the world, it’s a style of life and of thinking.

In order to show the value of what a scientist is doing, he should communicate his work to other he should show to the world a part of his everyday life.

So science is also about communication.

Generally, this communication is delivered to a variety of audience most of them are a non specialist in scientific field so in order to do that, the scientist must give talks, write papers and communicate with audience through every possible way from the peer reviewed article to any public tweet or any other social media. in order to educate people and inform them about his finding.

Publishing science and communicate it, enable the scientist to clarify, and illuminate the public point of view, it helps to spread culture, to fight ignorance, to increase public understanding of science, when the public enjoysscience, it’s suggested there would presumably be more funding, progressive regulation, and trained scientists. I can mention the example of COSMOS television show that has influenced a whole generation so a lot of those who watched the TV show decided to become a scientist.

the more the culture of science is spread, the more we could get scientist and engineer around and that will make nations grow economically,

Also, it can explain the fee and the costs needed to the scientific research, when people know the importance of it they feel like their money with it. It can also help to find more financial resources to the research.

spreading health science, culture for example makes people to benefit of better health condition and healthy environment to live in. it can bring hope to sick people,because a patient of cancer should always be interested in the latest finding of researchers and if they have find a remedy to his condition

We actually live in a world of technology and to communicate science make it more understandable and controllable by the public

Propagation of science enables the reduction in the spread of myths, false information and non secular explanations of the world.

it has also an imaginative way by opening a window on science fiction, that make people more creative.

It also makes people feel more empathy with each other and with the other species. it can even affect our ethical point of view to the world example doing experiments on animal or even to humans.

It affects also the happiness of people if they understand how their brain and psychology works.

A new field of science like personal development, science affects directly the well being of people so it should be widely communicated

It affects also by a direct way the consumption behavior, when neuroscience is used in marketing

Governments also can might also benefit from more scientific literacy, since an informed electorate promotes a more democratic society. [1]

However, with all those arguments to communicate science, we should consider that scientist is human too, and mistakes could happen, They should be sure of the information while communicating them to the public and relativise them.

An effective communication must be considered too, so we could be sure that the information was clearly understandable and to avoid misunderstanding of the information. but that doesn’t mean that we underestimate the importance of science communication, which have a very important effect on the everyday life of people, like it was discusses above.

Science communication is able to decrease the gap between science and social


1-[ As summarised in Gregory, Jane & Steve Miller (1998) Science in Public: communication, culture and credibility (New York: Plenum), 11

The Persians VS Greeks

History is written by the victor , because the greek won the war, everything we know now is related to them  and because they were able to keep and transmit their way of living and their culture ,  what if the persian won how probably the history would be wrote ??

What you don’t want -Dark matter as an example

Now I don’t feel strange when I don’t know what I want, but I know what exactly what I don’t want.
It seems that I’m kind of a physicist (ha-ha), since they don’t know what the dark matter is but they do know what it’s not
Sometimes determine what to want exactly is not something easy, but al least when you know what you don’t want that helps so much to find a way

Connected human

once happen a time science saved my soul
I do believe if you use science in the good direction that will save the world.
When you became a scientist you can easily see how much you are connected to the world and to the universe, how much we are connected to each other as human being and as a living being as well.

A tell from Indian tribes

i have read this story and i want to share it , it’s make me thoughts about how much first civilization was related to nature , and how far are we


The Indian tribes around the sleepy Arizona city of Flagstaff have an interesting take on the human struggle for peace and harmony.According to their traditions , the difficulties and confusions of life have their roots in the arrangement of the stars in the heavens – or rather the lack of it. Those jewels in the sky were meant to help us find a tranquil , contented existence, but when First Woman was using the stars to write the moral laws into the blackness, Coyote ran out of patience and flung them out of her bowl , spattering them across the skies. From Coyote’s primal impatience came the mess of constellations in the heavens and the chaos of human existence

Once i decided to die ,

It may look very strange , why a person like me would decide to do such a thing , it may look very strange, that a young woman with almost no problem to mention , decide to die ,

Well for me life is not just the fact of existing , i always been a dreamer , a person with a lot of expectation , and i never loved the way that all people live , i always want something special , i had been always a different person from people around me .
I used to love things like science , traveling , art , reading , discovering , and a little bit a kind of changing the world . :p
I never want ,or even accepted in my head the fact to live a simple normal life “of going to school graduate find a job , than a husband than have some children who will make your life just impossible like a hell than die and that’s it , that was a life ”
That’s not a life , i will not talk about how i want to live ( i already wrote about it ) , but i will tell why i decided once to die and why i still ready to take the same decision again.

i will not decide to die because i’m a depressed person , or because i have a lot of problem , not even because i have a psychiatric problem , not at all i will decide to die because it became simply impossible to live the way i want .

I think that we should not exist if we can’t do it our way , well a lot of person will say it’s always possible to make the life that we dream of true because simply it’s up to us to fight for it.
I do agree , but in some cases ( like mine for example) any changes toward the goal need a lot of time and patience , and sometimes you feel just like you want it to change right now because you can’t support the situation any more .
In some other cases ( also like mine) your choices are selfish and come against the well of people you love and you do care about them so it became me over you , so you have to choice your dream and your life or the happiness of people you love .In my case i choose to pull myself softly from this life , so i don’t make them suffer ( yes i know that definitely my death will hurt them but after all they are believers , and they believe in destiny , if my death will look normal and not like a suicide, they will accept it in the end , and it will look much more painless regarding the pain that they will feel if i stay and don’t obey them – we live in a merciless society , where judgment can make life a real hell )

and another thing to not fight for what you want is the nonsense of life , if we just look a little closer and get a pause  one big question will appear  – and after all WHY WE DO ALL OF THIS ? WHAT IS THE POINT ? WHY WE DO EXIST ? 

why we exist

I think personally that people feel sad and reject death as a abnormal event but in the reality ( from my point of view) , death is not the abnormal thing , life it’s ,the nonexistence is the origin , life is the mutation , so when we die we return back to the original state .

i think that no one can explain that mutation why it happened , why we do exist no one have the answer on this , despite all the attempt to do , ( the religious point of view , the  anarchist point of view the scientist point of view … I think at least scientist are the most honorable people because no one of them pretend that we know why we do exist or even why we evoluate this way ) , and maybe the secret of life is simply that “the we don’t know ” maybe this is the reason that we keep evoluate and keep go further , so maybe life can is the intelligent one here and it can protect itself and assure it’s continuity by  keeping us always in research .

how could we know that we are real ?

how could we know that we are real ?
how would we be sure that we do exist ?
usually people ask about other stuff -do they exist ? such as god , hell heaven , angels , ghosts …. we never ask do we really exist ?
well such a question has never find an answer, we cannot trust our senses, our minds as well , we could be dreaming , we could be just the imagination of someone else . thousand of hypothesis can be suggested.

I know that it’s really hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not in this crazy screwed-up world we live in. actually what it’s the meaning of real .

I guess that the answer on that must be personal, no one can ever be sure either what he see or hear is real or not, a schizophrenic person is sure that he have voices in his head , who can assure that we are not all schizophrenic.

I think that we all live in worlds created in our heads , what’s real or not is just a matter of choice , I think that if you can feel it than it must be real just .

-” how do we know that we are real ? actually we don’t know and we can not know, maybe it is one of those things that in the end we just cannot prove




I love imagination , how it make us able to create whole new universe in our small heads , I love the way that our brains function, personally , i love to imagine that i’m a beautiful sexy lady ,
I love to get out from the reality
I love how i can use my imagination to creat someone who love me and can tell me very beautifull words
I love how to be able to travel all around the world

I love how to drop myself in a black hole or i visit Andromeda
I love to imagine that i figure out a solution for poverty in the world ,
I love to imagine that science became a reference … and i love to imagine a lot of other things ,starting by small thing like i mentioned being a beautiful lady arriving to  big problem of the world and it never finish

Imagination is illusion , but power at once , because if you can imagine it then you can do it even if not now , but if the mind can accept it than it became in the order of capability , and every thing was started by imagination starting by myths , art , law , even science .Greatest scientists ever had always  big imagination .without imagining that the space time is like a fabric Einstein would never be able to present relativity , without imagining that there is a life somewhere out of this earth Tesla would never be able to do  an amazing thing such a tesla coil , and so many other examples  .Imagination is power so let yourself imagine , let yourself dream and then try to figure out how to make it possible

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My dreaming life style

the life i dream about
since i was young i always dreamed about a particular lifestyle that i loved it so much ,the problem is this lifestyle is almost impossible to get .

well how i dream to live , the answer is very simple , i want to be independent , to have my own house , to have a good job that make me able to defray the charges of a house, than I want to organise my free time to do some humanitarian volunteer work , to feel my humanity , I want to be able to follow scientific reaserch and if one day i could write some scientific resume that will be great , I want to have time to draw and write I want to have my own workshop , I want to decorate my home the way i want not the way that it’s supposed to be or according to fashion , I want to have a big library, a plant , a jasmin tree , a big large black sofa made of leather with a soft blanket like those used to cover babies , I want to have a great collection of music , and a boyfriend , a one who i spend time with him , who can be able to visit me when we want or i visit him when i need to , someone special that i can share a lot of things with him but not my whole life .
If one day i feel the need to be a mother i can help in orphan house , I want to have a lot of friends that i can lesten to them all and help them all when they need me , I guess that such a life is a perfect life for me and so well-balanced .

well this perfect life that i dream of  is for the moment impossible , because first at all i don’t have a good job to be able to defray the charges of living alone , second my familly still have a complete controle in my life and such a lifestyle is not acceptable in our society  , so for now this still a dream ,but  that i will try to make it come true despite that it look impossible