What does mean a birthday it’s supposed that it’s a day the day you celebrate your existence and you feel happy about your achievement but what a shame that from year to year you grow up you wast your life and you don’t find anything to celebrate about



Stop doing sex discrimination we are all human after all in our pain or in our happiness , pain is just freed us and remind us that we are all human and happiness teach us the value of life.


It’s just amazing how a human can just hide his feeling and his thought , sometimes I just think that thanks god because our thought can not be heared when we are thinking .


Human being is always afraid of explosions ? any sort of it , real explosion ,or even in the figurative sense , or the reality expolsions are the begining of life without explosion there is no life , without big bang without volcano without supernova there is no life , explosion purify us , clean us , give us new hope to new begining and new life