if we are alone…

if we are alone, that’s extraordinary.If we are not , that’s even better.Were we to descover that we are one of many life-forms on a planet that is one of many inhabited worlds , we would have a new perspective on being human – on being alive , even and if we discover that some of that life beyond Earth is intelligeent , a whole new vesta of possible human experience open up before us . We might , for the first time , have meaningful communication with another species.( 13 things that don’t make sense)


we are pouring …

we are pouring huge amounts of energy into the biological effort to understand where life came from , how it arose on planet earth , because it matters to us ; it is perhaps , our deepest question . Really , it boils down to this : Are we special ? ( 13 things that don’t make sense)

A tell from Indian tribes

i have read this story and i want to share it , it’s make me thoughts about how much first civilization was related to nature , and how far are we


The Indian tribes around the sleepy Arizona city of Flagstaff have an interesting take on the human struggle for peace and harmony.According to their traditions , the difficulties and confusions of life have their roots in the arrangement of the stars in the heavens – or rather the lack of it. Those jewels in the sky were meant to help us find a tranquil , contented existence, but when First Woman was using the stars to write the moral laws into the blackness, Coyote ran out of patience and flung them out of her bowl , spattering them across the skies. From Coyote’s primal impatience came the mess of constellations in the heavens and the chaos of human existence