I want just know what it’s real for us , what that mean something is real is it things that we can catch with our senses ? in that case even  dreams  can be considered as real , because our senses work perfectly even we can feel , we cry, we run , we can not breath when we feel scared . Can we trust our senses how could we be sure that we are not hallucinating or dreaming or just imagining things ?


the same thing

I really dont understand why some people are accusing each other in the time that they believe exactly in the same thing ,and if you really read it you will see that it’s exactly the same , just translate it from the hebrew to arabic . the only difference is you gonna get Bible with the Hebrew and Coran with the Arabic .


We feel compassion with poor, sick, hungry people but i’m just wondering , what we are really doing for them ? I man empathy is a nice feeling , but it still not enough , it maybe make us living being but it will not feed them,or heal them so I think it’s time for acting , world need our action to be a better place .
I also think that our action should stop be reduced on gathering food or clothes for these people , that would be nice start but to be more efficency we should work with them , teach them, educate them, give them new perspective so they can change themselves from the inside and not only from help, we should make them understand that they have the right too to dream and they can realise there dreams we should help them to make there dream real .

Shame on us

When I feel tired , hungry , thirsty, cold or hot and i start complaining i feel shame on me because i remember that after all i have a home in which i will find food, water, shower , and a clean bed waiting for me , some other people or let’s say some thousand people and children die every second around the world because they don’t have any of these things ,,,,and we call ourselves human !!!


I believe that when you get upset and when you feel so bad by a way that you can’t even breathe , all what you have to do is to take some pencil and a white paper let the pencil take a littel picnic on the face of the paper hear it whisper in the ear of the paper it will tell her all the secret of life and pain and only than you will feel like going to an other univer , and there you will take a deep breath and feel like the whole pain is gone and the rest and the serenity full you


Ideas always win 🙂 i’m just wondering if one day human will understand that all what they have is there ideas , if they will ever understand that they can in one moment lost every things even there own clothes they even can lose there life and all what they lift behind is an idea .