Hello world!

I want  to say hello to everyone who opened this page and read in this blog and give some of his time to take a look .and i wish  this make a diffrence and give you fresh ideas . because , i believe that :


There is always some one who could chage every thing in your life


Personally i believe in that , the most great thing in this life is to know other people to be opened never close your self in a box you must always have some bases to don’t be lost or molten in others but to know people to discover them to see new method of lifes new opinion is the greatest thing it make you feel good it can open other doors  in front of you .

Beside of that contact different people is realy affect you , for me it was always like that always i have this special one who come and change all who give me other point of view in the two direction the good and the bad even people who hurt me i have learn so much from them and some times i have learned much more then i learned from good people around me , So thank  so much to every one who give me an other perspective in this life.

and i wish to be someone who make  diffrence in somene else life .