Ambition and women , hard choice

I hate how things go around here i hate this natural discrimination between man and woman .

Here and i guess in every other place in the world man have so much chance in there life then woman . Men can do whatever they want and they have the opportunity to build a great carrer and after that look for stability if they want to get stable and have a family .It’s not like that for women women are always judged by time they have always a monster run after them it name is time .
You have less chances to foxe totally at work and neglect other side of life because if you are a woman and you did that you can not retrieve the time had been waisted and this part of your life , not like man they can retrieve that whenever they want . As a woman you have to choose one of three solution and that depend from your personality and the way you thinking :
– one to choose the family and neglect work because you can not do both of them .
– Two choose the work and neglect family for the same reason that you can not take care of both of them in the same time . and by this choose you can end your life alone .
– The third choose is the hardest and it need a realy capable person and a strong personality is to do them in the same time to try to make a great career and have a family , i think even on doing them in the sometime one of them must have less priority to the other it’s human nature we can not being great in every things specialy simultaneously , if we notice children who have a mum really succesful at her work are always complaining from lack in attention given to them and women who perfectly take care for there houses are not doing hard and great job they are doing an ordinary job it may be some exception but always exception stay an exception and it’s not a reference . This particular problem can not be find in men lives because men take all there time to be great in there career and to succes what they are doing and after that they take the other time to build family and stability and even if he do that simultaneously he is able to it simply because responsability given to him at home is much more less then responsability given to woman and it can be even considered as not existing at all .


New inspiration

I think inspiration is the most important thing in this life , every one need new inspiration new view new horizon to see the world differently to think differently to mesure himself in diffrent bases .

people who did not change anything in there entire lifes people who are not open to other who are very limited they can be considered as failed ppl they have lost a lot of fun and missed to see what life is all about .


I think to open your self on new perspective is to give yourself the opportunity to know who are the real you . The ability to discover new skills on you and to self developed.

Inspiration come from all around us , from meeting new people from tring to see differently what people see ordinary , from leaving new experiences , from changing the place … from every thing around

Life is about happyness

I belive that god creat us to be happy even if he put some times rules but this is all in our  own good like parent when theybe taf they want protect there children , the problem is not about religion it self but is about people around this religion and there way of understanding it ppl make things so complicated and so difficult for them selves and for other and they just forget that god love us by the way we are he creat us to be this to be just ppl .not angels so have hope and faith joy your life and always remenber to be happy it’s what  all about .

Education make us intelligent , not wealthy

I think that a lot of us have this wrong perspective about education , It’s so comin to hear somebody around who always say you must study to find a good job .
This people forget that study , learn or education in general is an act to develope the brain the way we think the way we act , we should never look at education as a way to earn money because in the first place it’s not you can earn money by a lot of diffrent other way make you earn money but education is for getting new tools to make you understand life better to make your brain illuminated it’s some sort of culture

History repeat it self

I have read one time in a book , that stupid are people who said that history repeat it self , for a while was convinced by what i have read ,I thought that yes what it went it went and never come back .

Looking back to event happened in my life and in other people lifes and in larger scale in nations lifes , i find that yes history repeat it self .
I noticed that events repeat it self with diffrent people diffrent circumstances like if we are in a loop , but this time results are diffrent it’s like life said let me see what you did learned from the last time let me see how you will act now .

Some times this repetition don’t show clearly in someone life but i can tell to this one look clearly around you some times repetition come between generation so maybe you repeat in an other way the life of some one else by a diffrent way . Some times people repeat there parents lifes there grandparents lifes and they don’t learn from what happened in the past .

struggle between brain and soul

Sometimes You find your self locked in a situation so so ironic.

It’s ironic when you do something it’s not supposed to be done it’s against reason but dispite of that you feel happy on doing it .

It’s hurt and make laugh in the some time when your brain and your concious yell on you come on regret what you have done , wake up but you still laughing you still feeling so so so happy by unbelievable way and you say i don’t feel any regret

Single and happyness

The greatest thing about being single is freedom don’t give up your freedom to anyone don’t deserve it and most of people dont deserve it .

we live in a society which it don’t believe in freedom, wich don’t understand that you can be happy and even much more happy by being single then being in couple . It’s realy hard to find someone who realy deserve that you share with him the half of your life but people around don’t even care for them you are single so you are miserable , They can not understand that i can choice an other model of life in which i can be single free and happy , they want our lifes to be copy and paste from just one model .

Every one have the right to put his own definition of happyness and go for it .

Put your own definition

These days it happen so much time that you read a name of a video or a book who says ” your way to success ” or” your way to happyness” .I think this is ridicules , no one have the right exemple of happyness , the only thing that people can do is to share with us there experiences but no one have the right to put definitions . Stop copy other people lifes and do your own , create your own definition of happyness make your own plan for success . We hear people speak about happyness and some of them say it’s in the way of god to be religious person and follow rules is happyness other say to be famous is happyness other think about money and every one have his definition and every one when you talk to him he says i’m right and you must follow this way , but all i can tell is like that you will be lost you will never be happy , all i can say is put your own definition stop asking what other people think , think by your own find your interior peace put your own rules just don’t cross your line with other , and that’s all then you will be happy , people around you can dislike your way or your definition just be convinced that if they love you so they will accept you by the way you are and they will be happy for you . If they love you and they can’t accept your difference after all then you should think that they have problem to definit there limit it became there problem .

There is always some one who could chage every thing in your life

There’s always someone who can change everything in your life

Personel i belive in that , the most great thing in this life is to know other people to be opened never close your self in a box you must always have some bases to don’t be lost or molten in others but to know people to discover them to see new method of lifes new opinion is the greatest thing it make you feel good it can open other possibility in front of you .

Beside of that contact different people is realy affect you , for me it was always like that always i have this special one who come and change all who give me other point of view in the two direction the good and the bad even people who hurt me i have learn so much from them and some times i have learned much more then i learned from good people around me , So thank you so much to every one who give me an other perspective in this life