The timekeeper

I just finished a book named the timekeeper actually it’s a novel, in this novel the writer tried to tell us to stop worrying about time about the moment to come and to cherish and fully live the present moment. well he tell it by a special way but i think that we are actually dominated by time even if we don’t want to think about it.
It still there and it still dominating , we can’t stop thinking about time while it’s in us .we are the living witness about the time existing, because we are ageing, we change, we are limited by our body capacity,


we can’t stop thinking about time but we can change our perspective to it.
we can decide to live the day for the day without thinking about what will come next. despite this is extreamly hard because our specific thing as intelligent creation is our ability to simulate the future, if we don’t do it it will be like giving up our intelligence.
so i think that the solution is not stop thinking about time, but it’s be aware of it, and be conscious about every minute passing think about are we using it correctly, happily, wisely are we doing something important and worthy of that minute


bodies’s prison

we girls we live in a prison and this prison is our bodies, maybe not all of us but a lot of us.
I was raised in a culture that hate the feminist body, I was raised by a way that made me afraid and ashamed of my female body, they pushed me until I took the decision to cover my body to kill it to ignore it.
Now people around me start to complain about the way that I wear clothes , now they accuse me that I’m not a presentable not elegant person.
I feel angry, they pushed me there now they complain about it. I can’t be beautiful I can’t be attractive, I feel guilty when I wear attractive, it’s the idea that I was raised according to it.

They don’t understand this ,they don’t feel this.
I wish to tell them stop judging young girl, be aware of what you are telling them, be aware of your message, you can’t blame a person after you pushed them to be the way they are