Art doesn’t make money

Art is a way of expression , art is to reveal the reflexion of the deepness of your soul by a way that make you confortable .

Dancing acting painting or writing or any other form of art should be comming from inside of you , art is the view the experience the feeling of the artist , art is the hole idea or concept lived by the artist presented to the public , I think art should not turn to busness .
I think that people who are studing art in college should not call themselves artists , because they are simply learning what artist before them have done ,and a few of them who make new concept or express feeling they just imitate .The artist should be brave should get the courage to tell what people can not talk about in there real lives.
Artist is the one who open windows on new horizon and express diffrently what everybody see it as normal and banal.



Relativity,  i love this theory i belive that every thing is relative in this life i belive that to understand thing you should put yourself in the angle of seeing of the one who talk , i belive that every thing could be right or wrong depending on the bases and the definitions of the one talking ….I belive that this is what we need in this period belive in relativity discuss our point of view . I’m a persson who lived different experiences in a very short period and i absolutely know that my opinion and my point of view are the result of things that i have experienced ,for exemple i’m a veiled woman and when i tacked this decision no one influenced me to do it  i just reacted with my body by the way that i see it right i have my theory about that  but i dont think that every woman should wear like me or should be covered not at all i think that every woman should react with her body the way she want and express her self the way she think that it’s appropriate , the only thing that i’m against it is what they call “nikab” the face covering i think that the face is the identity is who you are is your way to communicate with the other if a woman covered her face then she deny who she is , and she just eliminate her right  to appear and having a place in this society beside of that i don’t even think that god obliged a woman to be all covered i don’t think that in Islam the issue of covering a woman is a primordial thing i think if we put every the verses in there context we understand that the point is to protect woman from beeing used or dealing with her like a thing as it was in the era before Islam and also not being a source of distraction , but what i’m seeing now is just going to far and exaggeration in the whole thing of covering women bodys and hair and even faces i think that all of this fake problem is just a political and commercial plan to take away attention from real problems

sad about my country

I hate seeing my country in this way I seeing my people so devised like this
I hate seeing some singing on the rope of unity with arabic muslims country other singing on the rope of modernity hey people wake up !
Tunisia is one country had always been diffrent than what’s around of it !Tunisia has a very big history ! tunisia is not country of golf and it will never be , we are diffrent then them also tunisia is not in europe Tunisia has always been so independent we have our own personality this combination between Veniqin ,barbarians (Amazigh) Byzantines … finely arabic muslims .I think that we should pay attention to our country and i belive is what realy unite people is there flag there collective memory and there same future i think the solution for us is to look to an collective dream how we want to see our country and go for it ,