One of my favorite hobby is travelling despite that in reality Idon’t practice it. Except of one visit Ihad to algeria I never cross over the borderline of Tunisia, let’s say that even tunisia in itself I didn’t visit it all.
One of The reason of my deprive of this hoppy beside money and free time is the visa, the famous visa and the problem of almost half of the youth in my country and other country like it ( those who are educated dreams about an opportunity to get a visa and get out of the country, and the others who can’t dream about getting one by legal way are riding the ” death boat”in attempting to cross the borders clandestinely.

I’m one of those educated but how can’t get a visa,why well because i’m one of thousand of people living like shit in my country.
The principle is clear prove that your condition are good and that when we will give you a visa to visit a country you will not try to stay there, than we will talk .
They demand your bank account, a prove and attestation that you work , an attestation about your salary and a permission of living from work .
Otherwise those how don’t work have to present a prove that they are student and all the mentioned paper above of one parent.
Those who can’t get a permission from work because there bosses abuse them all the time and they have to work the 12 moths of the years, those how have a pathetic salary -like mine- those who don’t have a social security because they work without being declared and so one can’t get a visa and unfortunatly it’s the case of almost 80% of the people.
Everytime i think about that i feel miserable, a on classified citizen without the very fundamental human right wich is the Freedom of movement, also the freedom of liberty .

I know that all of this is because of people who travel and make trable , because of terrorisme, but also it’s because of the inequality between countries and it’s not right if a rich country take the responsability of the citizen of a poor country.
But I think that the whole visa thing is unfair, it’s against humanity.
If only we think as a global citizen, if we make it free to travel,to share, to feel like a part of mother earth. than I believe that a lot of problem will be solved , especialy those related to sources.

I believe that racism will decrease, most of war will vanish, because we will live together we will be mixed we will net have those border to limit us or separate us.
Only if !!!!