Why scientists should communicate science

Being a scientist is an excellent job, and science does not include research, calculation, doing experiences and get numbers and results, being a scientist is a way to see and to interpret the world, it’s a style of life and of thinking.

In order to show the value of what a scientist is doing, he should communicate his work to other he should show to the world a part of his everyday life.

So science is also about communication.

Generally, this communication is delivered to a variety of audience most of them are a non specialist in scientific field so in order to do that, the scientist must give talks, write papers and communicate with audience through every possible way from the peer reviewed article to any public tweet or any other social media. in order to educate people and inform them about his finding.

Publishing science and communicate it, enable the scientist to clarify, and illuminate the public point of view, it helps to spread culture, to fight ignorance, to increase public understanding of science, when the public enjoysscience, it’s suggested there would presumably be more funding, progressive regulation, and trained scientists. I can mention the example of COSMOS television show that has influenced a whole generation so a lot of those who watched the TV show decided to become a scientist.

the more the culture of science is spread, the more we could get scientist and engineer around and that will make nations grow economically,

Also, it can explain the fee and the costs needed to the scientific research, when people know the importance of it they feel like their money with it. It can also help to find more financial resources to the research.

spreading health science, culture for example makes people to benefit of better health condition and healthy environment to live in. it can bring hope to sick people,because a patient of cancer should always be interested in the latest finding of researchers and if they have find a remedy to his condition

We actually live in a world of technology and to communicate science make it more understandable and controllable by the public

Propagation of science enables the reduction in the spread of myths, false information and non secular explanations of the world.

it has also an imaginative way by opening a window on science fiction, that make people more creative.

It also makes people feel more empathy with each other and with the other species. it can even affect our ethical point of view to the world example doing experiments on animal or even to humans.

It affects also the happiness of people if they understand how their brain and psychology works.

A new field of science like personal development, science affects directly the well being of people so it should be widely communicated

It affects also by a direct way the consumption behavior, when neuroscience is used in marketing

Governments also can might also benefit from more scientific literacy, since an informed electorate promotes a more democratic society. [1]

However, with all those arguments to communicate science, we should consider that scientist is human too, and mistakes could happen, They should be sure of the information while communicating them to the public and relativise them.

An effective communication must be considered too, so we could be sure that the information was clearly understandable and to avoid misunderstanding of the information. but that doesn’t mean that we underestimate the importance of science communication, which have a very important effect on the everyday life of people, like it was discusses above.

Science communication is able to decrease the gap between science and social


1-[ As summarised in Gregory, Jane & Steve Miller (1998) Science in Public: communication, culture and credibility (New York: Plenum), 11


A story of a girl grew to become a bitch

When she was little girl, she was starving for love and attention
She was so little she needed to be accepted, but all what she has got was criticism
She adopted the idea that she is always wrong , and that become her believe.
She lost her self respect and confidence.
Her mother in particular never accepted her the wa she is , deep inside her she was wishing if her daughter was different , was more religious, maybe more obeient.
She felt that and she want to satisfy her mother and other people around her, and she became to pretend, she lost herself, she got tired, she could not recognise herself.
and she was growing day after day, she start discovering the opposit sex ” men”.
or let’s say by that age they were ” boys”, she seek to get some attention to compensate what she need, but she was rejected over and over every time.
And this time beside of loosing herself respect , her search for love and acceptation , she looked like a bitch.
and with this new ticket in her back, she lost the respect for her own body and she hated the fact that she is a woman.
She couldn’t understand that being a bitch sometimes have nothing to do with the body, it’s a stat of mind, and she was a bitch because she traded her personality, feeling and let’s say in some point her body ( when she let man look to her ) over attention , some fake attention.
And she grew up and she became an adult, she get some new experiences with some new friends, she felt love she get attention and she felt accepted, but that doesn’t resolved the problem, her biggest problem which is hating herself.
Also that doesn’t make her pure and chaste her trust in some people make her became naive and indirectly a bitch one more time, but this time for different reasons, this time she became a bitch by good intention.
Now she think that maybe she have “the bitch curses”
But she close her eyes and think “oh mom, if you only could love me the way I’m , I would never end up this way”

languages difficulties

Language is just a way to communicate, it’s not science, it’s not something fixed or stable
The same language could changes according to time and countries and it would vanish anytime.
I agree that it’s something amazing, but I hate how some people deal with it and how they became so strict about apply its rules.
They make it look difficult; it makes it look ugly
So what if you forget an “e” in French or that thing of “é” and “è” why it should make a big difference.
Or in Italian all those one letter differences, or in Arabic this story of the letter “A” how it changes its form.and we can find such things in almost all languages.
That makes it look hard and ugly, I’ve been studying French for 19 years now and I still not good at it, I know Arabic since I start learning, writing and reading and I still make mistakes on it, I can’t get how people could be perfect at those things. that give me headaches, it’s supposed that rules are made to make life easier but I don’t think so, it makes it complicated for me


I want to die


some days i wake up and the only thing I do is repeating in my head that I want to die
actually I don’t know why
I’m not sad not bad and not shy
but I keep thinking that I want to die

I work I laugh I eat and I lie
so nobody could know that I want to die

Blogging activism of young women

Hi guys I hope you are all fine
I’m glad to share with you the work made by my friend Mrs Sofia a doctor in sociology, she made this study, basing on a comparison between my blog and the blog of Yen a young vitamiene woman.
I’m happy to be a part of this, at least what I’m writing could be interesting for someone
I hope that this study would help someone or maybe it would help to make the world a better place, I don’t know how but we can’t never underestimate the butterfly effect if a butterfly flapping it’s wings in Brazil can make a tornado in Texas, who know about the effect that could make a good study made somewhere in this earth


Jasmin Revolution from a personal and local point of view

Those are events in peoples lives that make a big difference to their future. also in nations the same thing happens and some events could change the world face. And despite it seems that we talking about two different scales (a person and a nation) but the two things are related and infect each other in a manner or in another.

Six  years  ago, accurate an event that had changed the view in the Arab region and somehow it does affect the whole world too. IT’s the Jasmin revolution the Tunisian revolution, everybody knows how the event of someone who burned himself to death lead the whole country to revolt and how this end up by the escape of the ex-president, and event succeed with no stop since that time, this is an example about how a personal event could affect the nation’s destiny but how the drastic changes in a big level affect our lives as persons.

I will give you some glances about the days after the revolution how it does affect as in the local community and how it affected my personal life.


First of all when the spark start on SIDIBOUZID no one thought that it will end up like that. we waited that the police will stop the manifestation as usual , and we thought that the facebooker are exaggerating.

In my local community, we neglect it at the beginning, we said those who goes in the south will end up in the prison. Then it starts to grow more and more and the ex-president made a speech on TV which is not a usual thing. After his third speech (in which he tries to calm the people). We knew that it was really serious. but personally I never thought that it’s a real revolution.
While we were seeing the third speech. I said to my mother: “I think that, this is it, tomorrow we will find that everything is fixed and people will leave the street to their work.”

But mom was much wiser than me, she said: “No, it would not be fixed, this time we have got died people, don’t think that families who have lost their children will forgive the government that easily, just because he gave some promises on TV.

And she was right, the next day I went out to go to work, but in the middle of the road the bus driver said that he could not continue to the downtown. there are a lot of people thousands of them screaming at Ben Ali to go away only one word was repeated over and over “DEGAGE”.

I couldn’t reach my office that day and I can say that I was lucky because people who were out couldn’t find a way to return to their home, and police was everywhere looking for the rebellions, a lot of people slept under the stairs of old buildings, others in coffee shops and every other place that could be safe.

That day also we heard that BEN ALI escaped. we couldn’t sleep, we were hearing help calls in the radio and TV, we heard that armed people will come to our neighborhood, that they will kill us, helicopters of the army passed the whole night flying above the city.

In the middle of all that fear and horror, another face of my local community showed up, a face that we never have seen it before, a beautiful helpful face.

That night when we heard about coming danger, all the men in every neighborhood gathered together and organized themselves in a way that they can protect all houses, children, and women.

fortunately for us that all those calls and warning was just a way of distraction and the most of them wasn’t true.
Two days after that I return back to work, and I was able to move normally in the downtown, the days after the escape of Ben Ali was one of the most wonderful days, despite all fear, I have seen people smiling and happy they felt that they are free now, people helped each other in the public transport and in every place.

Personally, I have met a man who told me that he never use public transport, but that day he went out to the street and he use metro just to see people to interact with them and to share his happiness.
Those days, we saw danger, but we never felt safer.

Since then, things become to change since that date faster and faster every day.
Youth express their creativity, events, art and science everywhere, it became usual to hear young artist and activist talk on the radio and TV, (thing that we weren’t used to it before the revolution) people talk freely. and this wave of creativity does affect me too.

Seeing all those activists and blogger incite me to start my own blog too.
And started my blog since 2011. I return back to drawing and painting too.
I have become active in the associative life too, and I have met the most wonderful people in my life.
So yes, revolution has changed my country, the region, but the most important thing is That revolution had changed my life.

Over-thinking kills me

I have that fatal habit of over-thinking
I over-think until I get, fatal worry that start to eat me
I over-think until I get faster heart beats, breath problem and headache
I can’t stop this, that draw me always to think into the bad, sad black directions and that make me always expect the worst.
I think that over-thinking is a kind of problems that don’t have a solution, there is no medicine for over-thinking,

But it really hurt

I think maybe someone should do something against that.
Maybe that should be me.
Maybe I’m the one who should take action to learn how to let it go.
I just don’t know how to start.

Do you know

Do anybody know how hard, it’s:
When someone fights against the wave of depression, while he tries to look strong
He tries to look energetic and energizer
He tries to look at his best state and to perform in a very good way
But deep inside, he is frozen, he is afraid, he feels darkness
He feels all his muscle spasm, all his nerves too.
He wants to hit him
He wants to scream
He wants to punish himself for how bad he fell, and how bad he think he is.

I think that a lot of you don’t know that.
And he never tells

He will not tell, he don’t need empathy
He doesn’t need to feel pathetic
He doesn’t want to feel more useless than he feels now
He knows, your sympathy will not solve his problem, will not stop his breathing difficult
Will not stop his anger toward himself
Will not stop the wave of frost invading his bones.
Nobody knows.
And he need to stay strong.