Free-will VS Determinism

There is two way to look at the world either you concider that every thing is determined, every thing happen for a reason and no matter what you do, what it’s not meant to be, will not be .Or you concider that life is about decisions, and choices: there is no such thing as right or wrong decision , you make decision basing on available information on an instant of time T, and basing on you state of mind and conciousness, and after that you have to take responsability for what come from that.
So what would you pick up?

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One thought on “Free-will VS Determinism

  1. Marvin Edwards says:

    I would pick up a cup of T, then sit there, observing the world. I would notice people making decisions. If I ask someone why they made that choice, they would tell me their reasons. From that I learn that people have reasons that guide their choices. In fact, when someone makes choices without good reasons, they are often called “unreasonable”.

    I notice a mother and child having a picnic in the park. The child sees the cake that his mother brought for dessert. The child decides he will eat the cake first, but his mother stops him, and tells him he must eat his sandwich before he can have his desert. So he eats the sandwich, but not of his own free will. Perhaps when he is old enough to make better choices, his mother will allow him more autonomy.

    No one expects free will to be free from causes. So, everyone should stop putting the “vs.” between free will and determinism. They are fully compatible. And, most normal people presume as much.

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