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Blogging activism of young women

Hi guys I hope you are all fine
I’m glad to share with you the work made by my friend Mrs sofia a doctor in sociology she made this study basing on a comparisation between my blog and the blog of Yen a young vietnamian women.
I’m happy to be a part of this, at least what I’m writing could be interesting for someone

I hope that this study would help someone or maybe it would help to make the world a better place, I dob’t know how but we can’t never underestimate the butterfly effect

if a butterfly  flapping it wings in Brazil can make a tornado in Texas , who know about  the effect  that could make a good study made somewhere in this earth


About powerofchanging

Hi my name is Wiem i'm Tunisian, I have studied medical technology , i'm a big fun of science in particularly astronomy, i love hiking, reading, discovering new things especially music and food , i'm "kind of artist" I have faith in Human and in science and I believe that empathy is a good thing but the world need our action to be better. Welcome to my blog

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