Citizen journalism programme

I want to write about a subject that  I ‘m confused about and I don’t feel so comfortable to write about it, but anyway I will do it.

Two months ago or maybe more, I found  an announcement on the internet about an academy which has an online program about citizen journalism. I applied for it without even searching for the background of the academy because I wasn’t sure that they will take me.
But while I was doing the inscription, I came across questions like : “do you accept to read something writen by an Israeli person?” I have investigated a little bit and I found that the academy is a multinational, was build for the goal of supporting peace in the world and in the Middle east.
Personally building peace, is one of my dreams. I consider myself  a human and a cosmic citizen.I wish if humanity can reach peace.

So, i said why not ?! and i continued in the whole thing.
Now after a month , I got used to the program, I started loving what I’m learning and the new people that I have meet .
So far, i find two special Tunisian bloggers, with whom I start to exchange ideas and discussions. I really like that, the girl is a talented designer (you can visit her blog here
The man is a book addicted, so far he  advised me to read some book that I wasn’t disappointed to discover them.

But in the middle of all this good thing, the core of the story is not clear, well how is that, I start thinking about it after that one comment of one participant was banned.

I have to say that the comment was a little bit agressive towards the organisers of the program, but she was expressing her point of view. She thinks that Israeli are killers and are not supporting peace.
I did not react to that I did not defend her or defend the coordinator of the program, but my new friends ( the man whom I talked about) posted the comment and an explanation of the situation on his FB profile.
Many comments followed and a lot of people accused us ( the program’ s participants) by the normalisation with the enemy and we were accused of betrayal.

Well, I have responded to the post; I will resume my point of view in the following:

“I’m not a supporter of Israel or for any one who supports war, whether people or goverment.
But Israel do exist, we like it or not, it will not change the actual situation .I see also that the politics followed by “the Arabs ” which is ignoring Israel and acting like they don’t recognize it, does not leading anywhere. So, I think we should try the other side, instead of turning our backs to it, let’s face it , let’s face the actual situation let’s understand,  how they act, what they want, how they live. By doing so, we can find the weak points of any system, not by ignoring it. On the other hand, I personally believe that not all Israelis are bad people;  some of them were just raised there. That was not up to then to choose,  also some of them are against war and against what their government do, why we don’t build bridges with those people and together try to find a solution.

I think that more than the half of this conflict, is due to a inherited hate from both side, if we only could overcome this, and we could install the mentality of love and co-existance than we can build of that piece of land the peace land.
That piece of land that some people call Palestine , while others call it Israel, but for me it’s the land of prophets, it’s a land where the half of the history of knowing humanity walked there. That piece of land should not be a land of war;  it rather should be the Lighthouse of peace.

Well this is only my opining. I do agree that the reality is so much far from that.

After that discussion, my friends had decided to not continue the program.As for me,
I am still confused about it, as I said I liked it and I see that it’s an opportunity to try another way of thinking that can lead to peace.
But there is something , a little prick twinge in my heart.
I don’t know what to do:  should I stop? Sometimes, I think  after all it’s just an online program that will not change much and I will not tell anybody about it. Some other times, I say maybe I’m wrong and it’s only a ideological program.
I tried to investigate a little more, but all I have got was even more confusing. The palestinians themselves are not on the same wavelength. They have different opinions; they act differently. For example? the leader Yesser Arafet ( peace on his soul), who was always considered as a representative of the palestinian cause accepted to negotiate but Hamas, on the other hand prefer not to do so.

In the middle of this dilemma , I decided to do what I see as right according to the actual situation, I decided to continue the program for now, hoping that my decision will be right. I hope I will  make my opinion on peace reach out to all those who are interested in peace- building. Out of belief that every change needs action.


2 thoughts on “Citizen journalism programme

  1. Soyance, le blog d'une styliste says:

    Nice article Wiem. As being part of that program and an eye-witness of that inciden,think that peace-building starts with a mentality before action.Stereotypes and hatred blind so much our minds and hearts that questioning ideas becomes fearful.I saw the kind of remarks and insults that we were given, but their opinion is very subjective. I am not betraying anyone while being part of their program,if our goverments were not able to make a signigicant change, would my withdrawal make? I am learning new things discoveting new peoples and countries..I am not stupid..leaving the program is not that is an emotional decision..thinkingabt the situation after listening and investigating is a wiser choice for me…we are always blinded by our emotions..staying there does not mean i support any offense made by the isreali goverment…but the people are not necessarily supporting the gov…that s what I am learning abt…

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