Amazing changes could happen

As a person i have know drastic changes in my live.
I’m  a girl from Tunisa , i’m not the same person before 2011 and after it.
Before 2011 I was a young shy girl isolated, living according to the typical oriental conservative family rules. I always had done what I’m suposed to do, and acted the way the family and society suppose that a good girl should act. I have graduated  and what it was supposed to be next is do is to find a job, than a husband, and give birth to some children and looking for them and live happily and than die.
Well this is what already I tried to do

So I found a job- it wasn’t a perfect one but it was a job anyway with a very low salary but that does not matter. what it was essential is not staying jobless.-

So i started to get stable at work than I launched the procedure of looking for a husband. ( HAHA-a funny task) I discovered that was greatly hard  .
Why is that, well because in my country it became more and more hard to find a serious guy who want a serious relationship.
If you want to start your life with a young man in your age -well that seems to be particulary hard -a man in his first twenty years is generaly not financially stable.So he could not build a family. An older guy in his thirty maybe, look always for a girl who was raised in a good family ( conservative one), better religious girl with no ex-relation, a girl well educated with a good job and especially especially beautiful one. and it would be better if she have no personality and she do what he says ( well maybe i’m exaggerating a little bit, but definetly that do exist the way I have describe it). And since all of this is not my case , i don’t have a very knowing family , i’m not beautiful neither rich or even with no personality so i can’t be with someone like described above.
well there are a lot of other types of man beside some rare great men that I can not clasify but generaly those are the most popular category around.
But finally after a while ,I undrestood that going the old way and doing what I’m told to do or what I’m supposed to do according society will not lead me anywhere . So I start to think differently, I decided to look for what I want to do , what used to bring me happines,

and I started to ask myself but what I realy want?
I never worked before for something that I want .
I never expressed myself the way I want to…

Than I start to remember, my old pations , my for love science, my love for art, books and good music , my wish of travel around the world, to discover it, to build peace and to work for the good of humanity.
why deprive myself from all of following a path that is not mine, just to plesure other people?
Than I started to look for a scientific association to re-build my connection to science. I come back to drawing, readings books , and started looking for friends who can help me grow as a person and since then a new chapter opened on my life book.
What I want to say by this experience is: being ourselves is the most important thing that will bring us happiness.
we did not born with a users manual in the hand so don’t let other tell us what to do


2 thoughts on “Amazing changes could happen

    • powerofchanging says:

      Yeah i agree i just was in rush when i write it and post it. You know it was basicaly writen for the assignement than i post it here . and it was the last day to post .but now i will modify it , i have to correct the grama and i will add the pic

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