bodies’s prison

we girls we live in a prison and this prison is our bodies, maybe not all of us but a lot of us.
I was raised in a culture that hate the feminist body, I was raised by a way that made me afraid and ashamed of my female body, they pushed me until I took the decision to cover my body to kill it to ignore it.
Now people around me start to complain about the way that I wear clothes , now they accuse me that I’m not a presentable not elegant person.
I feel angry, they pushed me there now they complain about it. I can’t be beautiful I can’t be attractive, I feel guilty when I wear attractive, it’s the idea that I was raised according to it.

They don’t understand this ,they don’t feel this.
I wish to tell them stop judging young girl, be aware of what you are telling them, be aware of your message, you can’t blame a person after you pushed them to be the way they are


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