Tunisian Nationalism

This friday the subject in the forum in”Mosaique fm which is the best radio in Tunis, was the nationalism is it a matter of everyday or it could be felt only in some occasion, this subject was proposed after the events that happened in ” Ben Guerdane” a town in the tunisian south in the border with Libya.

For those who didn’t hear about the story, a few member from DAESH try to seep in the town and instal a base on it than to invade Tunisia like what happened in Iraq or Syria. but fortunatly we got lucky to descover the plane early, and we are lucky to have brave army who was able to stop them.

Well in Tunisia everytime we get a terrorist attack, all people come together and we forget our differences for a while and we support the army. the problem that after thing calm down everybody return to his daily life: politicians return to accuse each other on TV shows, syndicats return to try to “blackmail” money from the goverment. (I say blackmail , despite that i know that it’s theire right to ask for better work condition but for know we have others problems like unemployment, poverty and we have to fix them first than we look to improve our conditions, it’s not fair to ask for more money while other people can even find a job or a place to live . I think that to it’s our commune responsability to imporve the situation..)

Anyway, returning to the main subject which is the forum idea.
I want to express my opinion as the following:
The nationalism for me is something related to the belonging.
You have to feel that you belong to a country to work for it, to protect it -the same us for family and work or a friend groupe – you have to belong to be loyal.
and unfortunately a lot of tunisian don’t feel this belonging and this was because of the regim in the first place.
Since the independence people felt that their country is the property of the president .that was the case with Bourguiba the first president ( despite that Bourguiba considered himself us the father of all Tunisian, and he worked for the good of the country but also he considered himself as the only representative for the country) and with a higher degree with Ben Ali who didn’t work for the good of people and used all the sources of the country for him and his family .

I think that this feeling of not belonging is the main cause for the non nationalism feeling, after the revolution people start recovering the feeling of belonging especially young people everybody dreamed of better Tunisia for everybody.
Unfortunatly that now the vision is not clear most of time, and politician make the situation harder. it appear that there is not a national pathway, there is not a common point or vision that politicians will lead us through it.
Right now it seams that the war against terrorism is the only thing that make Tunisian being united.from here it come the idea that Tunisian nationalism is an occational feeling and we don’t see it everyday.

But despite all those negativity we could be proud to be Tunisian we must be proud of our army also by our people in Benguerden and in all town where they stand together against terrorism , that prove that after all we still Nationalist.

When i see how people does react with soldier who was happy to kill a terrorist and proud to the point that he took a selfie with terrorist bodys. and who everybody feel proud of him despite that this soldier will be punished according to tunisian low, but he make us all felt like we love life we will not make anybody deprive us from our style of life.

téléchargement (1)

when i hear the testimony of peoples in Ben Guerden, the testimony of the the father who lost his daughter ( she was 12 years old , she died while protecting her brother younger than her)
he said ” my country is before my children, and he will protect tunisia by everything he got himself his family his money and absolutely everything he got”


when when i see how Tunisian organism and businessman from Sfax send 6 trucks full with food to the army in Benguerden.
when i see who almost all Tunisian town make campaign to donate blood to the army and to the injured people.
All of that and many other make me feel optimist about my country about my Tunisia and about the future


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