Positive things in the daily life

The daily life is full of routine and stuff, sometimes we can feel suffocated from that.
But being a creative person make life better and make you get out from the boring state. Sometimes even a little new experiences: like try to savour a food of a foreign country, or maybe to discover the traditional food of your own country or a specific region of your country can make a difference and fresh the rootine of daily life.
Lately I have made this experience with my friend Hanen , we went out we try “paila” for the first time in our lives , that was delicious.


I get one more new experience. that was  the visit for some expensive beauty shop – some  things that I never done before, I never dared to get in-In there I have tried some  perfume,and  I have learned some informations about it too.

*every parfume have three tone, and there are different groups of smells.
I felt happy with those simple new experiences, it make me feel alive, it make me think that ” yeah there are positive little details in the daily life , that we can do that can make our days better and worthy”
and in the same time i felt sad for the people who can’t see those details who can’t extract positivity from the boringness of the daily life, those who can’t enjoy new savor,new smell, new piece of music, looking at a piece of art , reading a good book, or even let themselves amazed by a scientific explanation.

They are dying slowly


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