Facebook purpose

A few years now i have stopped sharing my feelings and ideas on my official facebook account , i have to say that this decision wasn’t mine , i was pushed to make it .
Mom , my friends and family doesn’t accept that i share my ideas because they are different than theirs _ especially when it come to religion and politic stuff _ and they didn’t accept also that i share how i do feel , instead that they help me they start complaining about the fact that i look depressed and that i’m complaining a lot. I felt badly rejected  so i have decided to stop sharing things on my official facebook and i kept writing on my blog and a non official account only .
But sometimes i’m wondering on this decision efficiency.Sometimes i think that maybe it’s about them ,maybe i was wrong to make that decision and i wasn’t wrong by sharing things on facebook maybe  that reflect who they are and not the reality .

Now I can see two things from how they reacted with me :

*The first one is that they don’t have the culture of accepting the other and that thing appear clearly in the tunisian society after the revolution ( because befor no one was talking, no one have the right to express hiself and also everybody were against the regim _here i mean the right politic parts and the left _ now people can see there differences and start rejected others)
and the second one is that they did not understand the purpose of facebook, it’s made for sharing, when you log in it ask you what’s on your mind , what’s new , and it give you the option to share what you are looking for what you are doing , reading, eating where are you . So it’s basically made for this.



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