What do I geek ?

According to the new generalised definition of a Geek :
A Geek is someone who live with passion, and when it’s come to here, I have more than one.
So what i do geek ?
Actually i geek two differents things that people may not see the connection between the two of them .
But trust me they do ” at least for me” .
I geek Science, and drawing.
So let’s start with science: science for me is the possibility of exploring , science is not just wearing the lab coat and doing calculation the whole day long.
Or just having a PhD degree , it’s much more bigger than this even if this degree is important, but if it’s doesn’t’ help you to improve your way to see the word, it doesn’t make you any smarter.
So science for me is a way to see the world in the first place it’s a way of understanding, and when we understand we don’t feel fear or mystery anymore.

Science is the way, to get out from the little sight of the EGO to the comprehension that we are “humans” part of the whole. That we have only one earth we have to share it not divide it.
This was about the science now you have the right to ask :”So what does that have as a relation with drawing ?”
Here i can tell you , that if for me science is the way to explore and understand the world, drawing is the way to express it.
And it should always be a way of expression , no one should be ashamed of this expression even if it’s technically and aesthetically awful.
And hell yeah , this is my case .
I start drawing when i was a kid, i find that this is the only way for me to express my mind and my feeling, i used to drawing things that interest me “as a kid” such as clothes, cartoon, fantasic world.

But as i get older , my way of expression also develop , and i start learning new techniques, and try new subject and ideas, ( despite that i still not that good).
but my drawing took a whole other direction and dimensions, and it start to be more and more personalised , it reflect my thoughts and my feeling it start to look maybe more philosophical, more surrealistic.
But also sometimes it look somehow scientific, and i learned how to combined what i did understand with what it’s artistic.
and this is exactly the concept of Astroart.



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