The warm tea example

We always hear that making everybody happy is not something possible.
especially when it come to us to our ways of being , and the ways that we lived.
But sometimes you can’t understand until you experience it .
And about that i heard one example once that I like it so much . It was actually about marketing but i think that the same principle is working every way.
the professor was saying that:” if you have a product it’s certain that it will not please everybody so to be profitable you have to choose a category of persons that you think that working with them will be more profitable , so for example if you selling tea , you have two possibility to sell it or you sell hot tea or ice tea .
If you want to please everybody and you mix them together you will end up with warm tee and nobody will be pleased.”
The same with your personality sometimes you have definitely to choose between who you want to be and what the other ask you to be , if you try to mix them together you end up like the warm tea and nobody is pleased

Hot tea vs ice tea


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