My grandfather effect on loving nature

few days ago i was thinking about evolution and about thinking of human as a part of the alimentation chain and a part in a big ecosystem is much more important than raising children on the idea that human are superior specie.
This kind of thinking is usually spread more with religion , but i thought that even back to the time that i were religious , i never thought that i’m superior than other creature and that was because the way that i was raised , actually i won the love of nature from my grandfather , and he was the one to taught me how to feel nature and how to be a part of it , he used to love animal and plant so much ,
he used to love the earth . and inherited that from him .
every afternoon , he used to irrigate the plants in the garden , we had a Jasmin tree , and every evening he made me a collar from Jasmin and he made a bunch for him in Tunisia we call that special bunch ” machmouch” as the one in the picture below.


sometimes i want to take a leaf from the tree without a reason , so he: ” tell me do you want if someone come and snatch your hair ? ”
I answer that absolutely not
So he says : ” so why do you want to do to the tree something that you don’t want it to happen to you ? it’s not because it can’t speak and it can’t defend itself , that doesn’t give you the right to torture it , it can feel . so don’t harm it ”
This is how i learned to respect nature , this is how i never felt that other creatures are lower than me .
and this is how i remember my grandfather as a wise man , good man , respectful man , he may don’t have all those philosophical ideas about life , the univers and us.
He was simple man with a heart , living his full humanity.
and probably he is not the only one , probably all our grandfathers who lived in contact with nature , have this natural respect and love to it , something that we , the people of technological development have lost .
I hope that one day we could return to our origine , to mother nature.
To be in contact with it more and to respect it more.


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