i feel tired exhausted and i barely can breath ,
it has been a year now , since a year i had a big issue in my life and i felt useless .
I have tried to chage it but i guess that maybe i didn’t went through the good path because here i’m after a year and i feel exactly the same , useless.
I used to talk to my friends and family and i used to feel better , but i don’t feel the same now i don’t want to share how i feel with them because this is useless , and they can’t help .
I’m an average person in every things and it seems that average it’s never good enough , and average can’t live in our era.
So maybe the solution that i have think about is the good one i’m not sure , but maybe person like me who want to do a lot of things but in the same time they don’t work enough for it or they can’t be good enough for it should not live .
maybe people like me who have average QI , limited work capacity , and they are not even able to make someone love them , should not live.
Maybe people who are not beautiful enough , who are not clever enough , who are not good enough should not live , but after all what is this enough ??
how can we get this enough , who can put the level of this enough is it us , is it society ? is it the babilon system ?

I can’t tell , but i only don’t feel good enough …


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