virtual empathy

I have à facebook account since à few years now ,
In thé beginning i was using it by moderation , my family and relative used to warning me of spreading my life on the net, just to avoid being followed by some kind of pervert and psycho people . ( well i have to say that in some point they have reason ) but anyway thing get out of control, and i become addicted to it.
for a few past years i used to share every thing i think about or i feel it ori live it as a new experience , i have to say that for a few past years i used to find people interested on what i write and who share my feeling and concern, and also i win some new friends .
But about a year past a new kind of relation and of comments start to show up on my profile , i have noticed that my friends and relative start to be bored by my stories , and they starts complaining about it , so i have decided to stop write anything have a relation with my own life except of pictures , i just keep sharing pictures and that seems that it doesn’t bother anybody .
Well , i know that some people will say it’s not supposed that i be influenced by people around me , facebook is a way to make people conected and who help people to express themselves , so if there is someone who blame me for expressing myself this is him who didn’t get the first use of facebook. Well this is a point of view also and it may be correct .
But , this is what i want to talk about but lately maybe two days ago , i have broke my own rule and i had express about my mental state , because i really felt upset, and really not good, so i thought maybe with a little empathy from my friends i can feel better .
But i really was shocked because , contrary to what i thought iu just find two persons who asked just a courtesy questions , and again i get some complaining persons who says that i’m making a drama , i swear that it wasn’t i just write that i feel uncomfortable.
i felt shocked because in the beginning when i decided to stop expressing myself i thought that maybe it was my fault and i was exaggerating, but now i’m thinking about something different , i’m thinking about empathy , does this lack of virtual empathy reflect the reality ? edo we became people with less empathy ? if this is true so i guess that tha would be dangerous because just by comparing how much the rate of empathy have decreased in a record time. that make me think what is the society that we gone build ?
just in order to say positive i say maybe this is not an objective observation and i hope to see other examples which prove to me that this is just an isolated case in my life , and it’s only people in my life who doesn’t care and it’s not a general issue 🙂


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