Advice from a depressed person

I have learned few things about depression , if you are depressed then keep that for you . Why ?? well let me say it like that , because , no one can help ,and no one will understand , no one can hold it , all of them they will try at first, then they will give up . they will left you alone (after you get used on them ) , they will left you with more pain and they will tell to themselves that” you was already depressed and sad when they have known you” ,.
so just stop complaining , just keep it inside you.
don’t blaming anyone and be sure that they really tried to make you happy and to help , but human is a human and they can’t handle you for ever.
You have one of two choices either work to get better and heal your depression , or accept it the way it’s and shut your mouth up.
i say this because i’m a depressed person and i should keep that on mind , and i should keep calm and make choices , life is about them after all



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