My dreaming life style

the life i dream about
since i was young i always dreamed about a particular lifestyle that i loved it so much ,the problem is this lifestyle is almost impossible to get .

well how i dream to live , the answer is very simple , i want to be independent , to have my own house , to have a good job that make me able to defray the charges of a house, than I want to organise my free time to do some humanitarian volunteer work , to feel my humanity , I want to be able to follow scientific reaserch and if one day i could write some scientific resume that will be great , I want to have time to draw and write I want to have my own workshop , I want to decorate my home the way i want not the way that it’s supposed to be or according to fashion , I want to have a big library, a plant , a jasmin tree , a big large black sofa made of leather with a soft blanket like those used to cover babies , I want to have a great collection of music , and a boyfriend , a one who i spend time with him , who can be able to visit me when we want or i visit him when i need to , someone special that i can share a lot of things with him but not my whole life .
If one day i feel the need to be a mother i can help in orphan house , I want to have a lot of friends that i can lesten to them all and help them all when they need me , I guess that such a life is a perfect life for me and so well-balanced .

well this perfect life that i dream of  is for the moment impossible , because first at all i don’t have a good job to be able to defray the charges of living alone , second my familly still have a complete controle in my life and such a lifestyle is not acceptable in our society  , so for now this still a dream ,but  that i will try to make it come true despite that it look impossible



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