fairy tale turn on nightmare :p

previously in July i had wrote that i’m with someone who make me dream like in a fairy tale , loool that’s rediculous to say that was apparently a nightmare .

After every thing that i had dreamed about , it seems that , he was lieing from the begining , or not maybe he was really happy with me and he also dreamed but he find that he live in inappropriate circumstance , in this last period after i have discovered that in reality he don’t plan to marry me i have got a lot of advices from people around me who have know the story and have seen how much i wasn infected by it and how sad i was , well i have to say that not all of them was good advices but i appreciate help and attention of people around me , one of the advices was from my mom she said :” forget about him and in the next step don’t be in a relationship an other time” , i guess this is called running away , i guess that the solution is to strong change to be strong enough to face pain and changes , hidding from anything that cause you fear not lead you anywhere , I guess i should take myself my thinking and feeling to the next step of wakefulness being more careful , mor intelligent don’t give confidence so easy , don’t sink in dreams and hopes that will be much more realistic and good , relationship help us to develop we should see it this way even if we were hurt , pain teach us how to deal with life , if you don’t try over and over again you never get what you want .
For now i still loving him and i don’t care if he do the same or not i’m not asking for anything i just trust myself , and i trust my feelings the most importing thing that i will not be hurt any more i’m ready for any thing , and i can realise what’s around me so can be much more careful to not get abused