he make me dream like in a fairy tale

Since I was a teenager, I never had normal dream and I’m always creative and I have different stories and definitions in my head.

Even when it comes to love, well, let’s say, especially about love I have a different view. Well, I’m not a big fan of white dresses and big party, in the first place, I’m not a fan neither  with the idea of marriage and babies.

I’m a free mind and I love that freedom, but it comes from time to time to dream about romance, well usually it vanishes so fast and I came back to reality where I don’t even have a person- who resemble to the man in my dreams  not even a little- .

So I made a trick to make myself happy and coherent with the reality, I’m keeping the man of my dreams in a little corner in my mind- like a little secret garden which I go for refuge in it every time the reality goes awful- That helps me to stay strong.
But lately an unusual thing happened to me, I fell in love with someone that I can see him in my dreams he is invading me with a way that he can storm my very private refuge, and I love that feeling that I find someone who can be in my dreams, despite all his imperfection, and I know that he is not in a crazy love with me, eventually he may not love me at all. But right now I’m dreaming about him, he gives me wings and make me feel like living in a fairy tale.





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