he make me dream like in a fairy tale

since i was a teenager i never had normal dream and i’m always creative and i have different storys and definitions in my head.

even when it come to love , well let’s say especially about love i have a different view .Well i’m not big fun of white dresses and big party , in the first place i’m not a fun at all with the idea of marriage and babies , i’m a free mind and i love my freedom ,but it come to me like anybody else to dream from time to time about someone that i wish to continu my life with him , well usually it’s just a dream and i don’t even have a person who resemble to what i want not even a littel , even when i was with someone in reality i always keep my dreams like a secret garden to go to refuge in them when reality go awful that’s work despite it’s never real . I have to say that reality is never like my dreams , my dreams are so romantic and i’m so happy and my partner is great and love me much , but in reality my partner were never like in my dreams .
But lately an unusual thing happened to me , i love someone that i can see him in my flash of dreams he is invade me by a way that he can storm my very private refuge , and i love that feeling that i find someone who can be in my dreams , despite that reality would be very different , and i know that he wont love me crazy in reality , I will never get such romantic surprise as i dream.

But right now i’m dreaming about him , he give me wings and make me feel like living in a fairy tale




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