Fast happiness feelings , invade me

Every day after you go to sleep i read again our conversation over and over again ,
and every time i read your word dream of me, i smile and i say ,there is no need to dream about you, your face is already with me wherever i go , your smile illuminate my days and nights
What i’m feeling now is very beautiful , by a way that i can’t believe that it’s real , and i’m wondering is it really real ?
and with all this happyness that i don’t know where it come from , i’m afraid , and i even panic because happiness that come too fast go too fast .
Do I let my feelings pull me so far and so fast? how the distance will influence us ? Are those feelings real or they just come from the emptiness that we lived in the last period ?
I don’t have any idea , all what i can say is that i’m happy to have you now , and i will enjoy this happiness and i will try to keep ittéléchargement


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