Invaded by feelings and questions

I want to write , My head is full of ideas , and my heart is full of feelings
but what can blow them out ,I’m happy excited , a little confused and afraid ,all at once .
Maybe i got so much feeling dose for just one day .
i’m just wondering if i can find word to describe what i feel , I don’t want to let this happyness take my mind away , I don’t want to sink in dreams than it end up like a nightmare , in the same time i can’t deny all those feelings which invade me .
Thousand of questions creep in my head , is that true ? is that real ? is that good ? i’m i too in rush ? is it the good decision ?
I can’t answer that in this moments , we will see what’s days will bring to us , I don’t want to think negatively , I want to convince me that what was past is just past , and if i failed before that doesn’t mean that it will be the same this time, already the feeling and condition are different .and i will live the experience , and i will be happy and i will enjoy every moment , no one can know what will happen next so the right thing to do now is to be honest and to live our lives correctly , with all the happyness possible to get ,
What i know now that he look awsome and i feel happy so let’s enjoy it



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